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Our entry level Starter SEO package is ideal for small businesses and start-ups that want to gain presence in the local area. This is perfect for clients who wish to target a limited area or a niche segment and are not only relying on online presence to market their business. We will use our on page and off page techniques to market your business.


Our basic SEO package is perfectly suited for small to mid-range businesses looking to increase their web presence to the national level. This package will provide all the foundations of a well-structured SEO campaign. We will give you more regional focus, customisable features and a greater push in marketing your site within the search engines.


Our most popular Elite package is ideal for sites that are looking for greater level of web exposure in a higher competition industry. This is our full scalable, customisable SEO package. We will target all local, regional, national and international search terms within this package. If you’re serious about your website’s SEO then this package is the one for you


Our advanced SEO package is ideal for anyone looking for a dedicated fully serviced marketing solution. We will help in increasing your site’s visibility within the search engines across the globe. This package will be targeting all search terms with high level of competition. We will undertake extensive off page work so that your site gets positioned above your competitors.

At Lowcostseo we understand that every SEO campaign is different however there are a few factors which determine the competition level of each industry or a set of search phrases/keywords. Lowcostseo has therefore created different SEO packages or cost levels. Lowcostseo’s excellent SEO management team is on hand to help you choose the best cost effective package for your campaign. We believe having a realistic budget to work with ensures the effectiveness of the SEO campaign and great visibility of the site for faster results.

Get in touch with our Marketing Strategists via our contact form or on 0845-056-3957 to discuss the right package for you.

Keyword Research & Strategy

Every SEO campaign must start with a good keyword analysis. If you start with no keyword research or with superficial findings you are at risk of basing your entire SEO strategy on assumptions. The result would be a less effective campaign and not delivering the optimal performance as per your expectations. Wrongly chosen keywords can also lead of time wastage and subsequently lots of money too. We will first want to hear your targets and then devise a strategy based upon their realization. The end results will be a custom SEO strategy in place for you campaign.

Working With Your Developer

Many developers do know the basics of SEO but do not fully comprehend or utilise the information supplied or available to them. The result therefore is a lack of understanding of your product and nature of the target market. Lowcostseo will work closely with your developer to get the best possible performance out of your website.

Don’t have a developer? No problem, if you don’t have anyone to do the necessary change or updates for you we will get our own experts to do this for you at no cost.

Link Building

At Lowcostseo we will never optimise the website and leave it. Our dedicated SEO Experts are continuously working to find ways in increasing your rankings month after month and also creating a sense of web identity for your site to gain greater visibility on the major search engines.

Lowcostseo believe “Content is King” and that the content of your site in many cases decides the fate in how major search engines view and index your site. Uniquely written fresh content is given greater importance then duplicated content. It is one of the key elements making up the site and we are pleased to provide our SEO copyrighting service to give you fresh and uniquely written content/articles. Writing articles and publishing them is surely a time consuming task for which many companies don't have the resources. Lowcostseo has experienced Content/Article writers who are well versed in many industries and have the know how of the structure required to write great articles.

Our SEO staff specialise in advanced link building strategies and will liaise with whoever they need to make sure that you are receiving a steady growth of high quality links. Linking is one of the most important part of a SEO Campaign as links are what the search engines use to establish how a site ranks. The more links pointing to a website, the more importance that particular website has then others. Lowcostseo follow ethical white hat techniques to create links from external websites which are of high quality and relevant too.

Sometimes we may find new opportunities and strategies that were not there are the beginning of the campaign therefore we will simply adjust those into your campaign and continue targeting based on the latest update.

Ongoing Optimisation

Lowcostseo’s Experts have access to all intellectual tools that tell us about how users/clients interact with your website. Sometimes it’s not always about getting traffic but instead understand the behavior of how people use your site (usability), conversion rates and the overall user experience on the site. We have a great tool at our disposal that many of our webmasters use that is Google Analytics which is one of the best for tracking conversions and goals.

Multi-lingual SEO

This is for companies that target more than just one language. Multi-lingual SEO is whereby your website is found for a range of keywords for your chosen regions or countries.

Mobile SEO

As the trend of mobile phones have become smarter, the number of people using their phones to access websites has greatly increased too. Our in-house developers will check your site's mobile version as it is really vital to generate more traffic on there then just focus on desktop users. It is imperative that businesses move ahead with the technological advancements around them and how humans change their ways of browsing the web.

SEO for Small Business

If you're a small business and do not have the budget of a larger business then there is nothing to worry as Lowcostseo caters for all sorts of business. Most of the large businesses we helped were small at one time. We will devise the same strategy and expertise in your business too with the aim of making it into a big business.

Staying Safe

As you know by now the SEO game is tough and can be unpredictable. After you achieve the first page of results there will be continuous scrutiny of competitors and search engine quality teams who will make sure you get to the top fairly and no black-hat unethical techniques are used.

Our White Hat Practices

Lowcostseo works within the recommended SEO guidelines outlined by major search engines and can identify potential risks and problems that one must have created themselves during the past promotional campaigns. It’s always good to play safe so that your site does not get a penalty as it could take a long time before it recovers again.

Beyond SEO Service

We always go beyond the norm to provide you the excellent customer service that you deserve from a reputable company as ours. You will be assured to get the best professional service from people who understand your products and services and will always look for ways to further improve your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many Keywords can I target? 
A: We don’t have a cap the number of keywords you can target. Lowcostseo recommends a set of goal driven targets to give you the best return of your investment. We will also be considerate of your budget, search volume and overall competitiveness of your keywords.

Q: There are so many SEO companies, why should we choose you?
A: Most big SEO companies today are not up to the mark with the updates and over-charge for their services. We’re not.

Q: How do you determine the monthly price?
A: The price depends on hours required for monthly SEO activities.

Q: Are there setup fees?
A: No!

Q: How long does it take?
A: We will always make sure that the right strategy is in place before we begin your campaign! Once you have finalised the details and given us the go-ahead to implement this, the SEO activities will be well under way within a week.

Q: When can I expect the results? 
A: Every business/website is unique, some websites will perform more effectively than others based on niche targets, competitors, content or existing authority your site may hold.

Q: What exactly will you do? 
A: All our work at Lowcostseo is transparent, safe and within search engine guidelines outlined by all major search engines.
For further FAQ’s see our page which includes some video discussions. http://lowcostseo.co//faqs


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