Content Marketing Ideas for Small businesses

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Content Marketing Ideas for Small businesses

Content Marketing Ideas for Businesses with Small Budgets

We often come across the same idea that we should not concentrate on building links for our online businesses, but instead we should pay attention to the content we post. While this is understandable, many businesses seem to misunderstand this time and again. If you own a local company and do not have much money to fund your online marketing campaign, would spending that cash on a showy infographic be the right decision for you. In most cases, it isn’t.


The marketing objectives for small businesses and large companies are relatively similar they all want to realize brand is identity their field.  The main difference is that a small business wants to establish brand exposure on a local level, for example, they want to reach the customers who want the products or services that they offer. On the other hand, multinationals or large corporations want to maximize brand exposure on a larger level (they are looking to be popular around the world and hence, they set huge budgets for this purpose. For that reason, the content of these two kinds of businesses can vary greatly. However, SEOs still have the right capacity to enhance their link processing. This can only be achieved by putting into consideration some few strategies. These strategies include but not limited to:


1.         Examine the link contents

Compare the link with other potential competitors by use of powerful web tools like open site explorer. By going through the sites, one realizes pages with links distributed over it which point to pages within it that hold relevant material. Business oriented pages will hardly be viewed.


2.         Identify potential customers

One first needs to make decisions on who is expected to benefit or require certain information before creating links. Websites which may find your content resourceful will most likely create a link to your page or contents. When such a link proves to of good help, more people and websites will want to be connected to it.


3.         Generating content of high quality

Voluminous content may seem desirable but what matters most is quality. What special information it contains that is hardly obtained from other sources. The more information your content contains the higher the chance of getting more links. Make your content easy to be understood by incorporating illustrations like pictures, charts and where appropriate use graphs. Topics to write on should also be carefully chosen. Having topics which are not popular or not interesting may deny your post from being linked to other websites. Get those popular topics that are likely to be sought after by bloggers or other interested parties.


4. The content starts marketing your brand

As time passes and your precious content gets more links. It continues getting more targets as its now being shared among different people. Anyone who searches and finds the link important will most likely be waiting for your next content or search for previous ones. One way of keeping custody of such people is getting their email address. People will misspell your name while others may use incorrect URL all in the attempt of getting your links or content. You have already marketed yourself.


5. Develop appropriate measures.

This is done drafting calendars that help in scheduling your publications. Learn to stick on the planned schedule Publications that will contain important content should be spaced out. This allows or gives one enough time to create links and do appropriate marketing. Develop permanent strategies that make your work easier. This might create a lot attention on people and your content will get overwhelming searches.

Methods that tend to increase your success should be given first priority but still work on plans that are yet to be fruitful. Continue getting links from other sites and this will be possible by exploring new methods.  

Look at this fantastic infographic by providing a quick guide into reaching everyone. 

[Infographic] The Content Marketing Matrix for Small Businesses Infographic