Meta Description and SEO

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Meta Description and SEO

Today we will talk about how to optimize the Meta Description for effective SEO. This is a very important element and should not be overlooked at all in the on-page optimization process. Meta description is usually used for the search engines. The contents on them are a great source of data or information for the web crawlers. Many search engines show Meta description on its search results. So you can probably understand how important this element is in the SEO process. Well let’s talk about some guides to Meta Description today.


Meta Description contains the score 3 out of total 100. The score does seem to be little but do not overlook the important of this tag in the search engine optimization process. You have make sure the Mata Description is friendly for both the potential audience and the search engines. We get many questions on how one should optimize their Meta Description properly?

                                                                           --How To Use Meta Description Tag--

When it comes to a blog, use the following guidelines below:

Click and go to Search Preferences >> Locate Meta Tags >> Locate the Description. Now in here write a summary about what your blog is actually about so that the audience can read and get an idea about it.


In the case of say a blog post, you can quite simply use the Meta description in the blogger’s blog. Follow the steps below to add Meta description in a post.


Firstly go to create a New Post, then try to find the Search Description in there. In the Search Description area write a summary of what your post stands for. That’s it J


Here are a few guidelines for the Meta Description Tag


1.       Always make sure that you utilise the maximum 150 characters provided for Meta Description. There are many cases whereby lengthy description has not appeared in search results. Be to the point and write exactly what relates to your website page, blog or post and be sure that no important information is missed.

2.       Write up a really engaging and attractive description about your site or post. Always use keywords with suitable sentences and make sure there is no repetition at all.

3.       Try to limit the use of search engine stop words like Stop, And.

4.       Majority of the search engines give emphasis on Meta description and they show this on the results page so always maintain to the point that you want to make with a positive approach.

5.       Try to use Meta Description for each and every page of your website or blog.

6.       Always maintain Keyword density of about 5%- 20% of the total words in the description.

7.       Always try to use the keywords that are used in the body text.


Try to follow above tips for getting effective and better results.