Myths of SEO You Need to Avoid

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Myths of SEO You Need to Avoid

There are some myths of the SEO Services Singapore that prevents the dedicated and diligent bloggers and content marketers from enhancing their ranking in the search engine. Here are some myths that you need to avoid without wasting time:

Keywords: You need ensure that you are on top of the keyword research. Keep a track of the search words that people are using for the kind of content that you provide. Then use it in the blogs, landing pages, and articles for ranking higher in the search engine. However, there should not be over stuffing of keywords. The URL has to be kept short to keep the keywords from being repeated. Take out one keyword for a single content and place it in the URL. Avoid writing content with Google ranking in mind. The content should be informative and of high quality.

The keywords have to be made bold and should be italicized to be easily discernible. However, it need not for formatted just for the sake of doing it. Find out innovative ways to place your keywords and this will be productive for your clients.
Images: Google prefers ALT text. The parameter of alt is used to describe the content of the image in words. This makes Google rank your website higher as Google ranks your images in the Google Images in the image search result. The ALT text makes the client what the image is all about. And somehow, Google gives credibility to such websites.

Internal Links: When you think of linking one page to another avoid texts for anchoring. You should take the assistance of the anchor text to give the user a better experience and simultaneously improve your ranking. If you place a keyword in the anchor text then it will help the user understand what the content is all about. Google will also understand what to rank the page for. This makes it easier for everyone.

External Links: Linking the page of the website to some other external page improves the ranking of the website. Google gives credit to those websites that are part of the larger internet community. Again, the page should not be linked to an external factor just for the sake of it for it may have adverse effect on the ranking of the website. Link the page to only reputable external links.

Mobile friendly: If you do not have a site that is mobile friendly then it may not affect the ranking of the site in the laptops of desktop computers. However, it may affect the ranking in a mobile device. With the increasing use of mobile devices this is an important factor that you need to look into. You may lose your customers to website that are mobile friendly. The easier way to do this is to make the site responsive. There are various companies that provide SEO packages to improve your website ranking.

Loading Speed: The performance of the site determines the ranking of a website. If the content of the page takes time to download then it may lower your ranking in the SEO Services Singapore. Check on the size and format of the image for this.

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