The Reliable Tool That Will Help You Find Broken Links in Big Websites

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The Reliable Tool That Will Help You Find Broken Links in Big Websites

Broken links are the proverbial Grinch in the SEO efforts and strategy. 404 errors are not only harmful for the search engine ranking, but they also give the user a bad experience with the website and that is even more detrimental. Fixing the broken links should be a priority in the SEO audits.

For the sites created using WordPress, there is a broken link checker that more or less gives dependable results. Be that as it may, there are many different broken link checkers for other websites too. However, all of these tools tend to have certain limitations. They can work well for a few pages or links but, for big web sites with a huge number of pages, these tools fail to do their work effectively. If you have an old version of the Wordpress blog, these tools will not work either.

What is Integrity?

  • Integrity is a desktop tool that is very effective on the Mac platform. It will help you find the broken links in big websites with lots of pages. It is free app that you can download from the app store.
  • The tool has a number of advantages that give it an edge over the others.
  • It can be used easily on the big websites without them slowing down.
  • You can check not only broken links, but also broken images with it.
  • It can be used to check internal and external links.
  • The settings can be changed to adjust the crawling and the number of threads.
  • You can export the reports in pdf format.

Using Integrity

Using this tool is very easy. You just need to download and install it. You need to add the URL of your domain and the process will start immediately. The entire process may take hours to be completed depending on the size of the website and the number of pages it has. You can decide the kind of results and filtering that you want. You can only look for the bad and broken links or any other issues. You can modify the settings from the page. It will help you get rid of the broken links quickly and very fast. It is a solution that you can rely on to deliver you effective results. For the SEO side of the business, this tool can be used to get the best results.

Integrity is especially useful for those who work with blogs made with WordPress. For WordPress blogs that are very big, it can be very difficult to manage all the aspects of it. There can be a large number of pages, links and comments that you can screen and maintain with this tool. With this tool you can remove the broken link from the WordPress dashboard itself directly when you find a broken link.

The tool might not be a very simple one but it is surely one of the best free options that there is. It will help you get the job done. More importantly, it has a number of features that can help take care of a variety of tasks.

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