What Makes Great SEO Content?

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What Makes Great SEO Content?

Content, first and foremost, always serves a purpose. Whether its directly on your website, or a third party website (with a goal to linking and improving SEO), all content has a reason to exist. For you, that objective is clear but, for potential readers, it’s something completely different.

Sometimes such SEO content exists to inform. Other times, it is to entertain. Content comes in many shapes and sizes, but it should always mean something to the person reading it. If they engage with it, they’re more likely to engage with you and your business after all. It also helps for SEO purposes, as worthwhile content is appreciated more and shared across the web, with your link being shared too.


Content is all about reaching an audience. Whether its a local audience, age range of a matter of taste, content needs to be targeted. Broad content lacks substance and, if its unrelated to your business, any attempt at links might just be viewed as spam by Google’s algorithms and preferences.


How long any piece of content should be depends on its nature. In-depth articles are quite long, for instance, whereas a blog post could be 300-400 words if its to the point. Many experts have already concluded that while long form SEO content might get shared more often than shorter variants, that doesn’t necessarily make it great.

The KISS principle

When it comes to content, there’s a term that’s been used since marketing first existed – Keep It Simple, Stupid. All content should be precise, clear and simple in what it offers. Online browsers will read your copy with an aim to acquiring knowledge, or answering a question. Over-thinking deviates from this.

Look at it this way, if you read a blog post called “Improving your bedroom décor”, you’re not going to appreciate lengthy paragraphs on kitchen designs. Sure, it’s related to the original subject, but it detracts from the original purpose. Similarly, an in-depth look into individual bedroom items to fluff the piece out is no longer simple. All of this would stand to lose your audience, lose potential clicks and prevent the content from being great.

KISS Keywords

In fact, the same can be said for keywords. There’s an argument to be made for what keywords to use, depending on what you want. A person searching for “black shoes”, for example, isn’t necessarily looking to make a purchase. Someone looking for “black shoes Nike air Max”, on the other hand, clearly is. Finding the keywords that relate to the audience you want – and creating the SEO content that they would want to read – is absolutely essential.

Of course, we offer fantastic content as part of our article and SEO services. These same principles also apply to PPC and social media services. It’s not about fancy code or just hitting the right keyword. The very best content reaches to its audience and exactly delivers what they want.