Will an Ugly Website Affect your Marketing Potential?

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Will an Ugly Website Affect your Marketing Potential?

When it comes to internet marketing, visuals are everything. Whether you're selling clothes or car parts, the esthetics of your website can mean the difference between sales or going bust. Everyone thinks their website layout is great and no one will openly admit that it might need a bit of remodeling, but if you look at your website with a critical eye you might find that it isn't all that it's cracked up to be. If upon further inspection you realize you've got a case of 'ugly website' on your hands, a bit of tough love might be just the key to getting more visitors and in turn, more customers. Remember, a website is a representation of you and your business, and if you were a potential customer would want to buy from someone with an outstanding website, that is clean and polished or from someone that, to be frank, could be trying harder.

When trying to decide whether your website needs revamping, a good idea is to ask other people. Ask people that aren't afraid to give you their true opinion, who will tell you if your website isn't particularly attractive; ask people that can tell you what needs changing without holding back. A good method is to conduct an anonymous survey.  Ask people what changes need to be made or how happy they are with the website as it is. Try not to take any criticism personally; all criticism is constructive no matter how hard it may be to hear it. Once you've established whether or not you've an 'ugly website' and have a few tips on how to change it, the process begins. Look at your top competitor’s websites or websites that you particularly admire and take a few pointers from them. What is it that you like about the websites? What is drawing people in? These are the questions you should be asking yourself in order to have the perfect website.

The advantages of having a clean, crisp website are endless. With a website that is both easy to navigate and easy on the eye, you will attract twice as many customers as a website that is in basic HTML and a horrible font! Take your time when re-modelling your website and make sure to do your research on just what it is that people like and come back for. If you've got the money, hire a consultant or even a webpage designer to do the job for you.  These people are professionals and will make sure that your website looks good and so does your business. Rethinking your website design can be just like cutting back plants; if you don't do it, you might end up with a few customers with an inconsistent buying pattern, but if you're ruthless and make all the changes that are needed, the short term pain will result in long term gain.  You'll end up with a strong customer base that will prosper and grow.