3 Fixable Law Firm Marketing Mistakes

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3 Fixable Law Firm Marketing Mistakes

Creating a law firm web page, means you have to add separate effort in making your online presence work, and delivering quality law firm services to your clients. It’s really challenging, but if done well, it can deliver satisfying and lucrative results.

But like other law firm sites who are currently building their online presence, mistakes are imminent. Some call it bad law marketing habits, we call it as fixable marketing mistakes.

Limited Website Auditing Help

At first, the numbers look great. It’s like it can take you to places already. But then years later, things start to go down. What went wrong? To know the answers, make sure that your site has a few outside consultants, so that opinions will not originate inside alone. You will be surprised how two opinions of different sides will help your team come up with better strategies, it’s because you should not only look at things with one side of the binoculars, make a habit of using two sides.

Ignoring Client Feedback

It’s quite similar to the first one about using two different opinions. This time though, we are making it personal. The main purpose of putting up a law firm website is to attract more clients by showing what your firm can do for its clients. At some point, things will change and your clients will grow in numbers. When that happens, different opinions will come through and it’s really important if we hear them out. You can ask them through surveys or actual conversation, just try your best not to be over-persistent. You will know that you’re on the right track when the previous negative feedbacks are becoming positive with your newly developed strategies.

Forgetting Your Main Objectives

Everyone is probably guilty about this. You get overwhelmed by how the others are successfully operating and marketing their sites, and you try to move past that by over functioning in the wrong places. When you ask an audience what your company should do to visit your website, some of them would probably say, “It should be pleasing to the eyes!” or, “It should be easy to access.” First, they are not wrong. But should it really look so good instead of delivering what your company is good at delivering? For law firm websites, simplicity is a powerful tool. Instead of over functioning (like focusing on graphics instead of quality), law firms should focus on their main objectives, which is to deliver satisfying law firm projects and improve online presence. The best way to do this, is to collaborate with an SEO company or law firm web design company, to make sure that your firm’s focus does not get blurry.

You probably noticed that the answer to successful law firm marketing, is continuity. Unfortunately, we can’t just produce something and leave it be online. Even though these online tricks are not food, they can easily rot. Especially when it is moving farther from the constantly-changing marketing trends, and search website algorithms. Continuous adjustments will be the strength of every law firm websites, and of course, knowledgeable teams and partnerships.