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Link Building and Directory Submission

To take your website to the first page of the search engines, an important part of any SEO campaign is to post as many back links as you can. This should also include reciprocal linking, article submission and directory submission as well as posting search engine optimised content. The truth of the matter is that the more back links you place, the higher your site ranking. Google, Yahoo, and other search engines assess online sites based on a number of factors including the number of links to your website. Since link building & directory submission can be a time consuming task, you may want to hire an expert to do the job for you.

Link reputation, depending on one’s link building plan, is one of the processes that leading search engines take into account when ranking sites. Therefore, link building is a crucial part of any results-oriented search engine optimisation technique. This means that you need to get a number of popular sites linking back to your website.  Links offer different levels of quality; substandard links can potentially harm your site while great links have the capability to increase your rankings within a short period of time. Search engines will assume your website to be extremely important and hence, will rate it higher when you use quality links. Here, quality implies that the links you use have great authority and are appropriate in context. External links are extremely powerful especially in a competitive market.

Link building can also involve restructuring your site links. This is usually done to ensure the search engines find and understand them so your Web pages can be indexed properly. Contrary to popular belief, there is a huge difference between directories and search engines. Yahoo is one of the most popular directories on the World Wide Web. When browsing the internet someone can hardly notice the differences, but knowing the difference is key to getting your website ranked highly by the search engines.

At Lowcostseo, you will find experienced professionals to help build an effective link network to help enhance your search engine rankings in your line of business. Since search engines evaluate incoming links based on several factors such as the reputation of your website, the effectiveness of your link building campaign can be realized if the source of the link is related to your line of business. Keep in mind that directories on the web do not have an equal influence on the search engine results. There are a number of directories online, so it is important to know which ones to submit content to. 

Lowcostseo has helped many online businesses from across the world; just imagine how we can help your business gain more exposure on the internet with link building & directory submission. Simply let us know what you have in mind and we will be happy to execute those ideas to make your online business the next success story. At Lowcostseo, we offer article submission and directory submission as well as search engine optimised content to help make your business more successful. 

So, what makes us different from our competitors and why should you decide to use our services?

We implement a number of link building strategies to get the best online exposure for our clients. Link building campaigns are meant to be individualistic, directed to respectively address a customer's vertical and peers. The easiest way to gain link popularity is through proper review and survey of respective verticals. The current Link building is not about getting the highest number of links but more about getting the authoritative sites and links that make sense in your respected space. Our process involves searching Google for possible prospects, using social cues from a variety of social engines, and then focusing on the reciprocal link building. 

We build Relationships, not just Links!

Our Link building campaigns involves strategically thinking about how your websites will gain or win "Votes" from others. This is another way of putting the theory of Link building as a way of finding votes from around the web world. Search engines like Google use the links as an indicator of a page's and domain's authority, meaning when someone searches for keywords linked to your products and services, the more incoming links associated with you pages or domain, the better it reflects the page and domain's ability to accurately see the query or request. We at Lowcostseo will create a well-defined and planned link building process which is highly beneficial. Once the momentum has been built then it will only become easier to attract links to your site's pages. 

No Automated Link Building

At Lowcostseo, we never use automated link building systems since this is a negative way of providing the results and that too only on a short term basis. Additionally, this approach can be quite dangerous since the automated link building techniques are sure to be heavily penalized by the search engines (like Google) and this is something we would never recommend to our clients. Instead of that, we focus on the link building services that will provide steady and consistent growth of your traffic even when they are not being applied anymore. Naturally, with this approach there is no chance of getting penalized by search engines and the achieved rank will remain there for a very long time.

Lowcostseo prides itself on the following:

- All of our link building processes are performed by our in-house experts.

- Lowcostseo does not work with “paid” links, link “rentals” or “link farms”, our process is very natural and manually driven. There are no shortcuts to success.

- We report actual links developed not submitted. The difference in this is quite huge for e.g it can take 5 submissions to get one permanent link but our contracts deliver the actual amount of links mentioned in the contract not just submissions

- Our “Dedicated Client Center” provides reports from which one can view the links as we provide complete transparency and the links can be viewed via a secure login in “real-time”. 

Lowcostseo uses White hat SEO methods and all our efforts in Link Building are ethical and very effective. We design each link building campaign towards the needs and requirements of each specific client. Our aim has always been in providing a variety of links from different link building methods, however our most common link building methods are the following:

Content Links - This is the placing of the links inside the body of the content such as blog posts, articles that are custom written for your links on your industry relevant web sites. This process accounts for between 20% to 35% of links derived in any given campaign.

Real-Time Linking - The real time process is proven to have a positive impact in creating a source for relevant site traffic to follow posts/blogs back to your own website. Real time linking is all about commenting in blogs, wikis, social media platforms, forums that relevant to your industry thus creating very viable, high value links.

Link Reclamation - Lowcostseo will correct the broken links and look into the anchor text attached to existing links. This process has been highly effective in dealing with sites that have a large amount of existing links as it will enhance the value of those existing links.

Blogging (Guest) - Using our large network of contacts (bloggers), Lowcostseo can provide what we term as "Guest" placement on websites hence giving our customers very high value links.

Press Releases - This is another important aspect of marketing your site. We will write newsworthy press releases designed to provide highly effective inbound links back to your website. For maximum exposure, all our press releases are distributed via reputable distribution services thus providing greater visibility and exposure.

Article Distribution - We have a talented group of copywriters that will develop authority based content articles and place them on relevant websites related to your industry.

Directory Submissions & Social Bookmarking - Lowcostseo provides directory listing as well as social bookmarking on reputable directories geared to increase overall link value. We do understand that Directory Submission is the backbone of any link building campaign and we will always publish your content/articles on directories that are relevant to your industry and also of high rank authority.

Forum Posting - Lowcostseo will assist you the creation of content that is attention grabbing and will try to source the most relevant, high quality forums. By working with us you will not only acquire exceptional backlinks but also form long term relationships with many key individuals in your related industry.

Page Rank - We understand the importance of gaining a higher page rank for a website. MozRank and Pagerank are the cornerstones of Google Algorithm. We will assist you in attaining a higher page rank and improve your quality of links at a result, this way Google will see your site as quite authoritative source of information and perfect for the top position on Search engines. 

Competitor Analysis - This is whereby we assist you in acquiring new links and learn the secrets of your competitors ranking. From this we devise a strategy to overtake your competition in the SERPS and giving you a solid base on the web.

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