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Social Media Optimisation

Social Media has been somewhat a phenomenon with sites likes Twitter and Facebook boasting over 1 billion users combined. These sort of networks are ideal for sharing information and communication with fellow friends and colleagues. When the various social media networks first appeared, they became more than important in terms of creating traffic for websites. Simply, it allowed a lot of advertising options that were not available before that. Naturally, the whole operation is not so easy to perform without proper knowledge and experience, so one would would need some expert help. We at the Lowcostseo are more than capable to provide top class social media optimisation services and you might find us to be just the right solution for your website.

We have the entire team of experts in the social media optimisation field and they are fully capable of providing any service relevant in the field. We can create and maintain accounts on all relevant social media systems and redirect the traffic to your website. Of course, that includes some of the most important social media services such as Facebook management, Twitter management or blog contribution. Creating a YouTube channel and connecting it with your website is also quite possible and recommended.

The system we create is quite simple but very effective. We create relevant accounts and pages on this social media and promote your website both through free and paid campaigns (according to your needs and requirements). It is quite easy to achieve a huge traffic increase if these social media services are carried out properly since a huge number of people are using these systems to be connected with the groups which share the same interests. Naturally, if you reach only one person who is interested in your website, the information about its existence will soon find the people who share the same interests.

We also provide social media monitoring services that will ensure that all actions are carried out properly and that they create traffic. With this approach, you can be assured that the most of the things possible are being done and that there will be no social media service that isn’t included in our program. This also comes at the pretty affordable prices and we at the Lowcostseo are well known for being more than cost effective. There are several standard packages of our social media optimisation services available, but it is also quite possible to adjust the services in the way that will answer your demands the best.

The combination of the low price, top quality social media optimisation services, customization of the social media optimisation packages and the dedication we show, you can hardly find a better deal anywhere. These elements clearly show that our social media optimisation services are more than a worthwhile investment and you can be reassured that the effects will be more than significant.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social Media is a term that is used for sites that provide a uniquely different social actions such as, Twitter is a social site that is used by people to share short messages or updates with their fellow social buddies. In contrast, Facebook is more like a full on social site that allows one to share updates, pictures, events and a host of other activities. Now the question people ask is why would a search marketer or the search engines care about social media marketing? Well, they are both very closely related. Social media somehow acts as a content creation for websites through generation of news, stories, updates etc. This will also help build links that will support the SEO efforts. At Lowcostseo, we believe Social Media is an essential component in any modern marketing strategy one should create. It is a tool that allows in building brands, reputation and building relationships.  

We all know that word of mouth and recommendations are great in the creation of a quality brand image. Social Media Marketing is somewhat related to them and allows you to engage with your audience and even the competition around you. What makes Social Media Marketing so effective is the ability to spread the content used so easily, which means it is more likely to be found on search engines.  Lately you can also alert search engines to new content on your site or blogs with social bookmarking. By keeping your content fresh, you are more likely to be providing information that is deemed to be more useful, informative and relevant to your audience. 

Now what can we do for you? - We can assist in your SEO campaign by creating brand visibility through Facebook marketing, getting you more likes and engaging with the people that matter the most for your business. We will undertake Twitter marketing to get you more followers and also LinkedIn marketing too as well as all other marketing channels available.

Social Media Strategy

Are you somewhat lost with your Social media? Many online firms do have a global or regional presence on social media but many too do not have a plan or strategy that they follow which in turn corresponds to their overall marketing goals. Its like they are on board a ship but lacking the direct where to head to. Now this is where we come in, we will develop a comprehensive, interlinked strategy for all your social media related posts, tweets, updates etc. Our goal will be to get you your return on the social media investment that you have made. We will continue monitoring the strategy and adjust is according to the changing data and customer behavior patterns too. All in all, try not to just market your site without any direction when we are here to help you strategize your social media.

Lowcostseo and your Social Media

Lowcostseo experts offer social media management services that ensure greater visibility and overall aids your SEO campaign to work effectively and with results too. We will make sure that your profiles are set-up correctly, linked well to your blogs and promotions. We will also create personalised messages that you want your audience to see and share further. We will create fantastically branded fan pages, video channels on YouTube and Blogging platforms to inform your customers of events and special deals that you offer. We will sync all the social platforms together so that if one update is made on say Facebook it reflects on Twitter too. This will reduce the time needed to manage the social account and at the same time open a wave of avenues that will in-turn enhance the website's visibility.

We have an individual approach to all our customers needs and wants in their campaigns. We offer the following: 

Social Media Monitoring - We will help in promoting your brand and increase your visibility through external engagement with other sites and tools.

Social Media Development - Here we help in the building of communities through social profiles and application development.

Strategy and Campaign - This involves audience research, measure of success and reputation management.

Training - Here we will teach and introduce your company to the various social media tools and monitoring techniques

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