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Website Optimisation

Website optimisation is the most important process that needs to be applied if you wish to take your site to the top of the search engine rankings. If your website can’t be seen by the people who might be interested in its content, there will be little use of the content on it, even if it is the best written content in the world. Most people use the search engines to browse for products or services they are interested in therefore being at the top of major search engines is the utmost priority.  

Website optimisation involves processes such as placing relevant keyword and phrases on a website, editing of the meta tags, alt tags, image tags, and optimising all other components of the website so that it is easily indexed by all major search engines and accessible too. Our team at Lowcostseo will specifically address to each of the optimisation areas and help them tailor to your needs. Lowcostseo has a team of ethical SEO consultants that will not only keep you informed but also explain the process and makes recommendations at every stage.

So, what is an optimised site after all? The term Optimisation is much more than just Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This is about optimising and managing the most important elements of your website. Lowcostseo offers the ultimate web optimisation solutions to help website owners to constantly improve their site visibility, enhance site usability and performance, thereby ensuring a more reliable customer experience.

Our web optimisation strategies will vary based on your business, products or services and the field you are in. However, we will ensure your website is optimised to suit your needs and expectations.


On Page Optimisation - The Complete Guide

We at Lowcostseo know that getting a ranking in search engines is not an easy task at all. The Search engines are getting more smarter and with regular updates (Google Panda, Penguin), one has to keep on learning so as we can provide the very best SEO service to our clients. At Lowcostseo, the On page optimisation is the first step that we look into and implement a strategy on. Now as a newbie, you might be thinking, why is it so important? - Well if you have an effective on-page optimisation for your website you can not only rank well on search engines but also increase the overall visibility and readability of your website for your potential clients. The following are the most important On-page optimisation techniques for you:

1) Title Optimisation

The title tag is one of the most crucial website optimisation element. The title tag should be descriptive for your visitors to help identify your website and business. The first thing we see on the search engines is the title tag so naturally we have to give high importance to it. It has to be appealing for it to be seen on the search engine and rank better then thousands of similar sites like yours.

2) Meta Tags Optimization

Meta tags may not be regarded as important as they used to be, however Meta Description is something that cannot be ignored at all cost. The Meta description should have a brief description of your website while focusing on the services that you provide. It acts as a selling snipper, whereby when a user finds it appealing he is more likely to click and go to your page to read or find out more information. One issue is if your Meta Description is too generic and not much thought process has gone into writing it then there is a good chance that your site will be ignored completely.

3) Important HTML Tags

It is very important to highlight particular parts or areas of your website that you want the audience to look at. There is a provision in that there are many tags in html which allows you to do so. For example - the header tags [h1][h2][h3], Bold [strong], Italic [em] etc. The text inside your header tags are given very high importance by the search engine. In most cases they are used to define the page/post titles or the important sections of your site.

4) Keyword Optimization

The content of one's site has to be optimized in such a way that it is readable to both your audience and the search engines. We believe filling your site with too many keywords will or can make the site unreadable from the search engine perspective so it is imperative to maintain a sort of balance between the keywords you wish to optimize and the overall content of the site.

5) Link Optimization

We feel it is important to optimize your internal and external outbound links for search engines and at the same time give your customers a better navigation too. Some important elements of Link Optimization are : 

  • The usage of Anchor Text when you are linking to other people. Try to include the keyword that is appropriate in the anchor text which gives the outbound link a "proper meaning and value.

  • Try using permalinks in the case whereby one has a CMS. By doing this your keywords will be on the link itself and will be seen more and valued better by the search engines.

  • Implementation of a good and clean internal link structure which has a proper use of anchor text.

6) Image Optimization

Some websites have lots of images and if you're site is one of them then you need to optimize them too as they cannot be read by search engines. Humans can easily see and interpret the meaning but the search engines simply cannot do this. The Search engines spiders can only read text but not images hence you require to use special tags for your images in order to give them meaning.


Off-Page Optimization

Off Page Optimization is another SEO process which is used to optimize a website. Off page optimization depends on different types of factors and visitors can easily determine your website's links on another website. Garnering website reputation is an important element for getting higher page rank therefore one has to carry out off page optimization in establishing an identity which in return will enhance the website's reputation. Now lets talk about some of the most effective techniques to get the best out of Off page optimization:

1) Search Engine Submission 

This is an important element in the Off page optimization. Without Search engine submission any website cannot be found on search engines such as Google or Bing. Customers will not be able to locate your site too. It is vital that you submit your site to top search engines as that's where you'll garner most of your traffic. After the initial submission of your site, you will be required to wait for a few days for the site to begin indexing.

2) Article Submission

This is another off page optimization technique whereby visitors or clients will see and read your articles from another site and be interested to visit your website thereafter. Within the search engines there are lots of article submission sites. In those sites, just simply submit your separate articles but never submit the same article in different sites.

3) Social Networking

We all know and understand the impact and importance of social networking activities in this day and age. Search engines do collect information about website's popularity on the social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter.  It is very important to make a website and have it socially popular via likes, comments, tweets as this all enhances the search engine visibility of the website overall.

4) Forum Posting

This is another strong element in Off-page optimization. Forum posting can result in a big jump in website traffic. All webmasters can submit their links to different sorts of forums depending on the industry they are targeting. The website related forums are better for URL submission. As a guidance tip, one should always use related anchor text to submit your website URL.

5) Directory Submission

Lowcostseo submits your website to directories to get you better visibility and traffic. We always make sure that we choose a high ranked directory for our clients as we understand the affect it may have on your website's rank and reputation. Examples of some directories are Dmoz, Yahoo directory are very popular to all.

6) Link Exchange

Another technique to get visitors to a website is called Link exchanging. This is sort of a mutual commitment between two website admins for publishing a link on his website. We at lowcostseo will always choose a higher ranked website for getting better results for our clients.

7) Blog Submission

We strongly advise that every website should have some sort of a blog as it is an important and vital element to drive traffic to your website. A blog is whereby the website administrators can submit some sort of information that is linked to your website and also have discussions with fellow bloggers. We suggest website owners to create a blog and to update all the latest information regarding your business on there to keep the user fully informed. 

8) Blog commenting

After creating the blog on the website, you will notice other bloggers trying to comment on it as that is a great way of backlink building. You must choose high ranked websites for commenting on their blogs. Everyday we suggest to atleast try commenting on a few blogs so that it does not look like your spamming. The Search engines give more importance to .gov and.edu sites than other websites.

9) RSS Feed Submission

RSS feed submission is another off page optimization element whereby visitors can get latest information about your site through email without visiting your website. Lots of website admins use Google Feed Burner tool, which is very popular and easy to use.

10) Photo Sharing

This is yet another SEO technique to get more traffic an increase visibility. As a website admin, you can submit images to photo sharing websites where visitors will be interested to view your site thereafter. Please make sure the images are attractive and interesting to the viewers thus generating lots of traffic to your website.

11) Video Promotion

Youtube is great way of marketing one's website video to a global audience these days. We suggest to create a promo video on your website and submit your video clips to all the top video sharing websites to get your video and site maximum traffic and greater visibility. You can search many of the video sharing sites by the use of search engines.

12) Advertisements

Adverts are a great medium for getting lots of visitors but in this day and age one must spend money to first create an advert then publish it on another site. We are able to buy ad-space where you can display your website's ads. You have sites such as Gumtree, Loot, etc which specialize in marketing your services on offer. Another way is by using the banner placement technique where you pay a website to have your banner placed on their pages. 

All in all, Off Page SEO Techniques is a continuously evolving process and more techniques will be added as we get smarter in the world of marketing. Also do understand that there is no shortcut to success in SEO. Be patient and remember always follow the White hat SEO method.


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