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What is Dental SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the capability of placing your information on the top three tiers of listing on Google. Dental SEO is particularly placing your medical treatment guide information on the top three levels of Google. Search Engines such as Yahoo will place you on the top so that those who are harried or under emergency will take in your information over and above other medical treatments.

There is competition out there for your site to be seen and finding a good SEO Content Writer can help in placing you on top by using some very important keywords regarding your information in well-chosen places in the content of your site so that this will catch attention and will result in being up there in the list. It's called driving traffic to your site in a blink of an eye, so to speak. Driven to find the best information through content will bring in the people to your doorstep be it a clinic, a hospital or you as a physician. Dental SEO is crucial because it is a matter of life and this will need to be immediate.

Dental SEO works in such a way that Google utilizes crawlers to find the best content to be listed above all else. Sometimes it's the most traffic driven site that they catch, sometimes it's the content that worked its way well to give the best result. Optimization in Search Engine Organization is bringing the best meta description or taglines so that it sticks out as unique and in a friendly way. We wonder how to climb up there with your search friendly site. It has something to do with the calculated effort of Google with the use of Algorithm to search for the best results for queries made by people.

Every aspect of medicine has its own marketing style and dentistry is not unlike any other. It has to have its marketing strategy in order to draw in as many patients as possible particularly in your demographic area. Research of the demographics of the area is vital to the thriving of a dental practice. Simple tactics may be taken to advertise your dental practice which some may take as trivial but are in fact nonetheless so. Tactics such as sponsoring sports events such as basketball in the area and distributing toothbrushes with your card on it are one simple way which may seem trivial but will actually work out for the fun and profit it will bring.

What are the ways to Market Your Dental Practice?

Emails - Email Marketing to Improve your Clinic's Visibility

Through emails one can send off advertisements, doctor’s appointments, billings and even some shiny reminders that you haven’t seen them in a while. Emails are easy, fun and convenient ways to communicate with your patients and statistics say that this inexpensive manner of delivering communication gives about $ 40 more from a dollar’s worth of spending. 75% of health professionals prefer emails as a means of telecommunication through their tablets and smartphones.

Emails - Email Marketing to Improve your Clinic's Visibility

Direct mail - Dated Marketing Technique that still works!

Snail mail is still a way to go especially for the baby boomers out there who still rely on good old fashioned mail. For every 5,000 postcards sent about 35 new patients are garnered to the dental clinic which makes it still a marvelous way of promoting your practice.

Direct mail has been used long before emails came into the fore and baby boomers are still used to getting their regular mail from the postman. They still love the attractive postcards and flyers that come through the mail which they can handle with their hands and read on their own.

Direct mail - Dated Marketing Technique that still works!

Local Facebook Ads

These are cards by Facebook which you may use in the local circles and not have to go all the way to Michigan to advertise your small, decent practice. This allows for you to advertise in your local setting and be able to set appointments as soon as possible because this is what this type of ad is most beneficial about, it allows for immediate attention being local.

Details such as hours to get there to your place of practice or phone numbers, dental practitioners’ backgrounds may be included for a more thorough knowledge of your dental clinic.

Local Facebook Ads

Demographic Targeting by Facebook

Did you know that Facebook allows for demographic typing of groups of people in your area. They can go by what types of people bought which type of stuff recently which may help you sort out what kind of people would be interested in which services from your practice considering the choices they made. These may be done by demographically typing people according to their language, relationship status, race, preferences. Since women make 90% of all dental buying decisions, this may be a way of directing your advertisements to mommies out there who would be most relieved to know about your dental offerings according to type.

Demographic Targeting by Facebook

Reminders to Appointments

There used to be the local post office that delivered reminders of dental appointments. These were very thoughtful reminders of appointments and were very much welcomed by patients. These days, things are more streamlined. Dental appointments are plotted out in google calendars, google confirmation alerts, and appointments setters care also of google. These are easier and fun times to have the innovations of technology at our hands so that these things are done faster and more attractive to the patients, if not more inexpensive compared to the paper culture of the previous era. This can also be a means for the patients to set their appointments for, say, teeth cleaning.

Reminders to Appointments

Income Targeting by Google Ads

It is a known fact that people constantly need to be reminded of their health. Google Ads has a fine way of targeting people according to their bracket of income to define what they need to be reminded of. The higher bracket of income-producing families may be reminded of the finer points of their teeth responsibilities while those on the lower income bracket would be best reminded of simple values of basic teeth management.

Income Targeting by Google Ads

Remarketing Ads - Continuously Targeting Your Customers

This is an easy trick which you may use to recycle bunches of people to check out your website again. This may be done if you have copies of people’s emails and are able to rehash these numbers into looking at your website again. Leveraging through Customer Match of Google Ads or Facebook is not uncommon and you can entice them to teeth cleaning or teeth whitening, services which they have not encountered before. See here how Remarketing works.

Remarketing Ads - Continuously Targeting Your Customers

Messaging Ad Type on Facebook

Soon a great innovation on Facebook messenger will allow businesses to advertise their wares or services through messenger messages. This is a cool way of delivering business messages for people on the go and can catch their needed business news on Facebook messenger. For dental practitioners, you may now add messages of dental servicing that you now cater to and will be out in the market soon. Dental services will now be more plausible and clarified to patients as they are now spelled out in messaging and will be much help to people who do not have time to check out advertisements from your website when they can easily be seen in your Facebook messenger.

Messaging Ad Type on Facebook

Google Map Ads - Quick Way to Find Your Nearest Dentist

These are most convenient because they can drop down information of dentists in the area on the google map that is used. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if an ailing person with a toothache requiring immediate attention could just pinpoint a certain area on google map and find a much-needed dentist? Directions are also conveniently given so that you can easily find your way to the dentist and you can be there in less time than if you were to ask each and every person in the block for a dentist or to rush to your personal dentist who may be miles away.

Google Map Ads - Quick Way to Find Your Nearest Dentist

Emergency Keywords like Emergency Dentist etc..

If you are truly up for it, add emergency to your keyword definition of the practice you give because who knows who may need your attention on some godforsaken night when the patient is uncertain who can give him medical dental attention qualified to do so at that hour because you emphasized that you can give remedy on an emergency situation at all hours of the day. Just be certain that you can certainly give what you promised to deliver and that is good, quality service at any hour of the day or night.

Emergency Keywords like Emergency Dentist etc..

Waze Ads - A new direct marketing innovation

Just as Google Maps, Waze ads can direct patients to your place of dental practice by answering their needed attention for the nearest, qualified dentist. Waze ads are usually used to navigate vehicles through the maze of roads that they go through. Thus, it may also be a means to advertise your practice to people in the vicinity in need of your help. This is a clever way of using everyday gadgets in the market today to get the traffic into your clinic door.

Waze Ads - A new direct marketing innovation

ZocDoc - Marketing App for the Millennials

Millennials just hate the harassing activity of having to haggle for a proper medical practitioner over the phone. ZocDoc is a new app which shows which doctors have which insurance services, specialty, location, and scheduling. This truly sums up the doctors without the need to directly communicate with each one of them which in truth can be a bit of a blockage to their streamlined lives. This app fits perfectly with their dental needs. They can just set an appointment and come in at the aforementioned time and be given the treatment they expect from the information they were given by the app

ZocDoc - Marketing App for the Millennials

Yelp - Get Your Dental Clinic listed and Collect Reviews

As a millennial you would want everything streamlined and excellent just as you are of an excellent breed. You demand quality which is why in the realm of medical practitioners you would want the best. Here is where Yelp comes in. They give reviews of the best in the business including, the dental practice. As a dental practitioner, it would be good to have your business graded by Yelp to attract many who are now relying on Yelp to find the best practice in town.

Yelp - Get Your Dental Clinic listed and Collect Reviews

Instagram - The most popular image sharing platform

From pimple popper agreeable dermatologists to before and after photos of braces from orthodontists, these people are using Instagram to advertise their medical practice in ways which can be amusing as well as informative. Since the first establishment of the Internet, Instagram photos with captions have given away mileage of information in fun, informal ways which are top of the tier.

Instagram - The most popular image sharing platform

Referral Bonuses - Traditional Method that Works!

Referral bonuses are fun and friendly ways for people to encourage other people to invite other people to your practice. You can give them incentives like discounts for next visits or free dental cleaning. Furthermore, you can send off cards for them to spread around for others to see and serve as invites to your dental practice. In every business referral bonuses have always been a fun way of inviting friends to try out what they approve of. Fun stickers or non-cavity causing candies are fun and deliberate ways to lure patients to your clinic. There are many creative ways to do this and have fun finding the right referral bonus techniques for you.

Referral Bonuses - Traditional Method that Works!

Video Advertising - Enhance User Engagement with Visuals

Words, as well as images, can go miles to express the thought behind them. Advertising with videos tells a narrative of real people doing real, professional dental services that go a long way of telling people what really goes on in a dental service clinic. The smiles of children after their braces have been taken off are a testament that no other advertisement can singularly show in one reel of the spool.

Video Advertising - Enhance User Engagement with Visuals

Mobile Call only Ads

At the top of the search, make sure your name is on that list. Being listed ensures that smartphone holders are able to call you any time of the day or night and get the necessary appointment they need. These calls only ads allow patients to call as soon as they can to get the necessary dental help they need. In fact, 73% of searches are still done from a smartphone and 40% are done on a PC. This says a lot on what medium is quick to act upon health-related tasks.

Mobile Call only Ads


What Dental Marketing Actually Works? 

These are just some of the ways we can strategize our way into marketing our dental practices. Some may seem trivial but all in all in these are just some of the fun ways we can market something as horrifying as a root canal. It isn’t necessary to scare the hell out of your patients especially the children. Telling them the truth with a bit of sugar coating won’t hurt one bit. What would hurt is if you were to produce an image of your practice as a bat cave complete with hard, shiny, metal tools which are clichéd ideas of a dental practice that gives it to you like there was no fun in life anymore.

Google maps and Waze are good to involve in this list of ways for them to get to you faster in an emergency situation. Good visuals such as videography of attending dentists doing their task with enthusiasm and a positive gleam beneath the mask they wear on their faces can go a mile of saying this doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience.

Google Ads and Facebook, if carefully studied for its messaging and streamlining appointment services can be such an inexpensive way of managing everything in ways which are familiar to all of us.

Marketing of Dental Practice has gone a long way from catalogs through posts. Emails have done a lot to replace though not totally so, what can now be done in a matter of seconds. We are at the time of millennials who want everything streamlined and excellent. Let’s keep it that way.


How Lowcostseo can assist you in Dental Marketing?

We understand that running a Dental practice can be a tough task, especially when you are responsible to treat the patients and focus on bringing new patients to your practice. Many Dentists do not understand that merely by having a high street dental practice will not automatically bring them the clientele. Dentists have very little marketing know-how that's where we come in to help them get the patients and visibility their Dental practice needs. Having a Dental website is just the start of the process, the main part of the process entails the actual implementation of an effective marketing campaign that delivers great quality traffic and helps convert them into new patients. All in all, our goal is to create a profitable Dental practice and a continuous revenue stream. 

What makes Lowcostseo unique from the rest of the Dental marketing companies is that our experience and expertise in medical related SEO is second to none. We comprehend the dental practice's business model and our marketing strategy is built around achieving those goals set by Dentists. 

Let us assist you with your Dental Marketing and attracting new patients so you can focus on what you do best, which is providing excellent Dental care services. 


What are the Dental Marketing Mistakes Made By Dentists?

Digital marketing is accessible for just about any business, the dental field included. Most dentists who tinker about with online marketing soon find themselves dismayed on account of campaigns that give lackluster results.

You could spend a thousand and more grand on a new website, post blog on a semi-regular basis, spend time around with social media marketing – and after a couple months, still, the flow of new patients hasn’t happened YET.

Read further to see if you have done some, or all, of these typical marketing mistakes many dentists do.

1. The website that fails to convert

Plenty of dentists have their own practice website. But unfortunately, many of these dental websites don’t necessarily convert new patients. There’s a website designer who painstakingly built a nice-looking site which turns out that it can do MORE: colorful stock photos, well-described service pages, and a contact page where patients can set an appointment.

So, what could be wrong here? Website design isn’t enough. It’s important that a much friendlier design that can cater and make prospective patients feel “right at home” with your site. This can set your dental website apart from the many dozens of other dentists in their location.

Detailing your dental services on your site’s page is a good step. Just keep it simple, focusing mostly on the services that you offer.

On the other hand, a website with dull content lacks inspiration, and basically flat in its conversation-like approach` is highly unlikely to convert new patients. When it comes to website design that truly converts, always think about what the patient wants.

1. The website that fails to convert

2. Not keeping tabs on your online reputation

These days, online users value their digital peers’ opinions. And there’s an increasing number of mediums within which patients can send their gratitude, or even voice out their frustrations with your practice.

So in this case, keeping tabs on your online reputation is a requirement; and is more important. In a digital marketing study that was conducted in March 2018, there’s a whopping 72 percent of consumers trust online feedback reported from this study. Needless to say, what online users have to say about a service, or a practice, even, is as conducive as personal recommendations.

Unsatisfactory online feedback can be a problem even for a word-of-mouth referral. The first thing a prospective patient does when they’re referred to you is they search your name on Google. It’s a mistake to assume that Google reviews, some of which are unpleasant, will go amiss. Digital feedback often has the highest commendation rather than a personal acquaintance.

2. Not keeping tabs on your online reputation

3. Not giving importance to useful metrics

Large heaps of dental practitioners that are new to the digital marketing industry use the same method they employed with traditional advertising. That said, they shell out thousands of dollars not particularly certain to what is and isn’t working.

Determining successes and failures is a key point to the achievements of your online efforts in the long term. And thinking you have the proper tools in place, you can see precisely how your campaigns’ performance.

To measure your website data there is Google Analytics to analyze its overall performance of your website: the number of visitors your site attracts along with their location. GA can also show you how well-engaged they are with your content. These are very useful metrics. But the best metric of all is the new patients your website produces.

However, a small percentage of dentists do this kind of measurement of data -- that is, using a third-party software for tracking new patients that connects the dental practice website to their patient database.

A patient tracker is one good testament that a dentist’s website is returning their investment. By including a new patient on a website dashboard, a dentist can see just see the impact of their online presence. To avail of the patient tracker, consult with us for your practice website.

 3. Not giving importance to useful metrics

4. Wanting immediate results

With online marketing comes cultivating unreasonable hopes for instant success. Putting forth efforts on a dental SEO campaign is indeed hard work. And high expectations overnight is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

In paid advertising such as Facebook Ads and Google AdWords, there are no overnight digital marketing solutions. If you hope to generate, say, ten new patients in your first month of the campaign, you might forgo the attempt altogether.

Social media marketing, content, and email marketing, and SEO can all take time to yield results so it’s best to build a strong foundation and start from there. The best dental marketing campaign results happen can take time. Quality must be found on your website and a stream of new patients. Always keep in mind that most campaigns start and stop, and a website works 24/7 all throughout the year.

 4. Wanting immediate results

5. Neglecting your website

The online world is susceptible to changes, and a website can last for only 3 to 5 years. If your website has exceeded the three-to-five year, then your competitors are most likely going ahead of you.

Keep your website updated. From tweaking a bit of your website design to posting fresh content, always make sure readers can reach you if you want to acquire new patients. A mark of a good dental SEO marketing is keeping things going. And a good and trusted Dental Marketing Agency can do all the work for your practice website. Also, user behaviors are often changing. Stay ahead on the competition by reaching out often to readers and convert them as new patients.

 5. Neglecting your website

Our Expert Dental Marketing Overview

Many dental practitioners have resorted to dental SEO and have found its efficacy with their chosen reliable online agency. From setting up a website, website design, posting original articles and content, using metrics to track visitors, success is never away. When it comes to quality, never abandon your website. There are so much to be done, and a day without a new patient from your website can mean another loss in your business. Get your dental practice going by avoiding these mistakes.

Getting Started: Dental Marketing for a Brand New Dentist

Spending years of studying and internship and finally graduating from dental school is one big of a journey. Setting your education to practice in motion – by establishing a business from scratch – is an even bigger challenge.

First, there are logistical obstacles. In setting up a physical shop or office, legal documents and other permits are necessary.

These days opening up an office for your dental practice is not enough. It’s always typical to hang a “We’re Open” signage on the door and wait for a new patient or two to come by. These are modern times already. Dentistry is investment enough, and of course, you would want to see how well your years and years of schooling would fare. And this is where dental marketing for a brand new dentist begins. For a newly graduate such as you, you need to up your marketing level with the help of a dental marketing agency to gain more patients.

Every day, huge numbers of potential customers use local search to know the best local businesses in their geographical area. You too can boost your chances greatly of getting noticed by these potential customers and convert them into new patients by choosing and finally working with an experienced local consultancy.

Boost Your Dental Practice With Local Dental SEO

In a nutshell, local SEO services provide a very targeted digital marketing method. This allows you to position your strategically place your dental practice on search engines and other online marketing sites so that you are easily seen by potential patients.

Once you have understood and finally decided to use local SEO for your dental practice, implementing a dental marketing plan must be laid out so you can attract new patients. When establishing a brand new practice, consider the three important factors listed below:

1. Choosing your practice location

There are many options to consider when it comes to selecting your practice location, other than the other necessities such as commercial space, length of the lease, cost, and such.

So now let’s say you have chosen a location good enough for your dental practice. And these may just be some important questions you’ve in mind:

  1. Does it have an ample parking space that is easily accessible for patients?
  2. Is the area full of competitors in the dental field?
  3. Is the new location easily seen from the street?
  4. Can my new office space accommodate other rooms for future expansion?

Does it have an ample parking space that is easily accessible for patients? Is the area full of competitors in the dental field? Is the new location easily seen from the street? Can my new office space accommodate other rooms for future expansion?

 1. Choosing your practice location

2. Establishing your brand and making it known

There are major brands that really made it through the years, thanks to marketing. In planning to set up a dental practice business, certain steps are carefully made to be successful. The process may take some time but with focus, dedication, and hard work it’s important that the consistency of your brand is established across all marketing channels.

Also, your logo is just one part of your dental marketing campaign. It is your main practice image. So prior to developing your brand, below are some questions to ask yourself:

  1. Who is my ideal patient?
  2. If I can name my top specialties or services, what would they be?
  3. If I were to build my own team, what kind would it be?
  4. What do I want my patients to expect when they go to visit my office?

Such questions will act as your personal marketing guide toward your practice brand, as you weigh on things like the signage of your location, brand logo, office décor, and other materials needed for marketing.

Branding is the first step to building a marketing plan. Without it, you don’t have anything to build on.

 2. Establishing your brand and making it known

3. Your Digital Presence

Now it’s time to acquire new patients!

And of course, difficulties in keeping up-to-date and maintaining a full schedule with your patients does happen.

Traditional marketing to help in this. Yellow page advertisements and fliers would do. But in today’s daily living, many people rely on the Internet to search the business they need. Your dental practice isn’t any different which is why you should consider hiring a dental SEO agency for this kind of work.

These days, the most effective methods of marketing are found mainly on the Internet. Digital marketing isn’t just comprised of fancy website building; It’s about planning and finally creating a patient-friendly website that has staying power across search engines.

There are 5 factors in digital marketing that can prove to be very useful to your campaigns, namely:

  1. A high-quality website that entices readers as new patients:
  2. Acquiring true website traffic
  3. Email marketing
  4. Reputation management
  5. Social media marketing
 3. Your Digital Presence

Dental Marketing Strategies to Follow to Reach Page 1

Internal links are also important in building a blog or content for these are quick referencing to other links. It is redirecting your viewers to segue to other sites for more clarifications. This is important so that more information can be contained in your content without stuffing them all in one container. There are different factors that can drive your site up to the list of Google's best due to algorithmic search and these are the following:

Utilization of the right medical keywords- If you fill your content with the right medical keywords your site will be driven up the search engine list. It would be most fortunate if you could get a fine researcher who could come up with the right medical terms turned keywords to place in well-meaning spots in your content.

A medical site must be modernized: secure, fast and mobile-friendly- Most searchers use their smartphones to find the right physician, clinic or hospital especially during cases of emergency therefore utility must be fast and secure. It must come up in a matter of seconds or your competitors will beat you to it. How to do this? Great content with the right keywords will do this for you.

Quality Content- You must be able to come up with content that does not only develop keywords but the content must be of good quality. It must make sense and talk to the searchers and address their needs in every way considering their query.

Medical Schema- you must utilize the right medical schema or snippets of words that can be full of importance where you are able to insert the meaning of a condition and all the wealth of information about it. There are medical schema generators you can make use of an insert into your site for well-meaning traffic.

Use meta descriptions- utilization of snippets of about 155 characters on the matter of medical considerations can help although sometimes search engines tend to pull them down.

Optimized images and videos- you would want to have a fun friendly and colorful site that would provide not only information but attractive draw into your site. They really do make a difference from drab content that is filled with information and not segmented with wonderful images and videos that would probably clarify matters more than words can.

Citations- do not forget to cite notes from other voices of authority because these backlinks bring more power and substance to your content because you are bringing in information from persons with more knowledge than you have or you bring in sources of where certain medical terms have come from like a sense of history.

There is nothing to stop me from writing about keywords. You must use the proper industrial keywords and there is no harm in using a Google Keyword Generator for this aspect. You will be faced with keywords that would bring more information suitable for your content thus you may now place them in various parts of your content sensibly. For example, Allergies+ your city and so on and so forth.

Dental SEO is REQUIRED for your Practice to Succeed!

All in all Dental SEO is a much-needed strategy to make your presence in the industry known and this all begins with the internet where everyone is. Another aspect we should never forget is to have a medical presence in social networks. Perhaps insert in your content where your social presence may be felt. Driving your searchers to your Facebook page will give them something more information that cannot be absolutely included in one content. A social presence reflects that you have a good presence in the medical community.

Dental SEO is the perfect strategy for your online needs to show you are competitive and an effective practitioner. Remembering all aspects of making a Dental SEO will drive traffic to your practice and will keep you up to date in the minds of those who need your services. As a clinic or a hospital, this is vital as well because people will know the nearest place to go to for cases of simple allergies or a full-blown emergency. Almost every medical practitioner has a professional presence on the information highway or the Internet. Content is always good because you are able to update your patients as to the latest medical practices that may be the difference between life and death or a life of pain versus a life of pleasure the way it should be.

A Simple Guide to Develop the Best Dental Marketing Plan

After my team and I have helped countless dentists expand their practice, we realize that Dental Marketing is not as complicated as it looks. But it is important to keep the strategy simple as our work involves many responsibilities to do aside from operating the business, taking care of the daily operation, as well as, serving our patients. We need to create a marketing plan that requires minimum demands inattention, budget and time.

Based on our observation, my team and I got better results from simple dental marketing plan than from the complicated ones. A simple plan is easier to start and quicker to implement. As soon as a simple plan is set-up and running, you can easily test and measure it. A complicated marketing plan may not be a success so you lose much money each month.

We create this guide using simple strategies for dental marketing that can be implemented by any dental practitioner. You can repeat over and over again activities that are successful to get the best return for your time and money.

Dental Marketing versus Dental Advertising

Dental Advertising and Dental Marketing both deal with dentistry but they are not identical. The difference between dental marketing and dental advertising is that one is a plan while the other is about tactics.

Dental marketing involves a wider plan or larger-picture strategy in constructing your brand, initiating awareness in your community, and enticing people to your practice.

First: There are a number of varied tactics used in Dental Marketing and one is advertising. Advertising is a marketing tactic of paying to bring about an offer or message or product or service or practice to a particular segment of people who you consider to have the potential to make your product, practice or service grow. Two traditional methods of dental advertising include radio or phone-book ads. An innovative and more effective way is running Facebook ads.

There are other tactics used in marketing such as a charitable drive, event sponsorships, hosting, local networking, an online review of marketing, and search engine optimization.

For instance; if the objective of your dental practice is to gain the reputation of being high-quality and excellent dental practice, you can use dental marketing method to create content about your high-end dental services, Facebook advertising is targeting local people who use premium brands, networking with the top businesses in your community,  organizing charitable initiatives, and  premium product sponsorships.

This example simply illustrates the use of advertising as one way of attracting the right people that will constitute one- part of your overall marketing plan.

The second important point I would like to share with you is some of the most excellent strategies to create top posts for Facebook. My team loves to create social media posts for dentists that help to organize a group of raving Facebook fans!

Third: I will show you how to plan and prepare the most effective Facebook ads. In using Facebook advertisements, you have these benefits: to reach a whole group of interested people; to get better and faster results at a fraction of time and money as what dentists/dental practices typically spend on dental ads in traditional media and other advertising. I will teach you how to make the best Facebook ads for dentists that perform and get the most effective Facebook dental ads strategies that work for you.


Dental Marketing Strategies

Dental marketing strategies are often noticed by the right people to help in their practice. Here are 5 of the most common dental categories used as marketing strategies for a dental marketing plan.

1. Traditional Dental Advertising Strategies

These strategies are advertisements in the newspapers, phone books, radio shows, and television that have been used for decades for they are comfortable and familiar traditional advertising strategies. They are easily used in front like when you turn on the TV or radio and read on newspapers, as well as seen in the phone book, or contain as ads in a direct-mail postcard.

First, this type is more expensive to produce, considering your time and money.  For instance, television or radio commercials need weeks or even months of preparation to include: casting, editing, planning, recording, and scripting. The disadvantages are also the same for design, direct mail, distribution, newspaper ads, phone book ads, planning, and research. You can lose money in the process and it will take weeks or even months before knowing if you have made a single dollar profit of your campaign.

Second is the inflexibility of all traditional dental advertising strategies. If your television ad is not effective, you can add the number of times you present it; and time of day or day of the week and the program where it is shown. What you cannot change is the footage for it is already on the record unless you spend more time and waste money reediting or re-recording it. Even in readjusting offer made on direct mail campaign, you need to spend to start over.

The third is the inefficiency of traditional dental advertising strategies for aside from being expensive, they are also inflexible. Your ability to hit the right audience when using traditional ads is limited because of the audience for the newspapers, phonebooks. radio, TV and other publications are far distributed far and wide. Even if you will pay to reach a vast majority of people with common interests, they may already have their own dentist providers.

2. Local Networking Strategies for Dentists

Some strategies that your Dental practice can implement include charitable hosting drives, networking events, and organizing the participation of a group in a local race or another event.

These events offer bigger advantages for you to have the option to choose local area events where people gather and watch events as a fun activity. Even if you do not attract a crowd for the event itself, you have the opportunity to build stronger bonds with your team or other local owners of the business.

You and your team might wear uniform T-shirts to display your brand and get noticed in some useful team activity strategies during a food drive or a road race. Meanwhile, you can spend your free time to go around and collect email addresses from the crowd so if they become potential clients, you can easily follow up with a newsletter or for a Facebook ad campaign. Exchanging business cards with local business owners will be a good practice to help each other grow connections.

Local networking is better than traditional advertising where you spend more time participating in fun activities as team-building for networking. Additionally, your in-person event will be much stronger than what you can make through a television, radio, or print ad.

3. Using Sponsorships to Grow Your Dental Practice

Although similar to traditional advertising, in sponsorship, you have a wider audience for your promotion as sponsoring have more important advantages compared to traditional advertising that can make it much more effective.

First, sponsorships don’t require significant production or preparation. When an event is sponsored, you usually list a sponsor on an event or local sports organization’s website with accompanying printed materials. There will even be offers for you to speak or expose your physical presence at the organization’s events.

Second, through sponsorships, you can help your website get more traffic. For instance: if a popular event is included in the link of your website, people will click your site for the event’s web page. In addition, even if the link is not directly in your website, it enables your site to appear on more search engine results for Google and other search engines determine which websites are most relevant sites to link with.

Third, by sponsorships, you can make a meaningful impact in your community as an opportunity in local networking. You can attract pediatric patients, sponsors for charitable events and others to focus on empowering children and their family that could be a great way to invite people who are influential in your community.

Using strategic sponsorships, you have the opportunity to support your favorite charity while at the same time, you are positioning you and your practice in front of the people that matter.

4. Using Sponsorships to Grow Your Dental Practice

To help the business grow, joint ventures are always one of the best options. An easy way to do this is to create strategic alliances and hosting beneficiary programs.

Strategy alliance

With a strategic alliance, you, the people and other local businesses you served will be able to promote each other’s businesses. Most local businesses opt for these types of mutually beneficial relationships with trusted partners for it makes the task of finding and helping customers much easier.

With another business, you can agree to prepare cards and flyers for each other’s business or provide special promotions for each other’s customers or patients. For instance, my practice partnered is a local bridal shop and they can offer brides deals on teeth whitening. This is a great and very successful alliance!

Host a beneficiary program

This is similar to strategic alliances; however, the offer is not directed to clients but to the employees of your partner. For example, when I partner with a local bank or investment firms, associations, and even bakeries. I offer their employees a special promotion that benefits their teeth. This is certainly a great win-win situation and likely to get new patients from the employees of my partner.

The best aspect of joint ventures is that no cost is involved or time wasted in making the promotion. All you have to do is decide what you want to offer and reach out to a local business presenting your mutually beneficial opportunity. Begin this relationship with the business you or a team member has already a link by sending emails or flyers to their employees. Offer in an email a service that they and their family need.

Every dentist must have a strategic alliance or a live beneficiary program to host this week. This can be done easily.

5. Using Dental Internet Marketing to Grow Your Dental Practice

The strategy of using the internet to market your practice is called Dental internet marketing. It is a good way of replacing traditional advertising activities such as television, radio, and phone-book ads.

In other ways, internet marketing helps to take some offline activities online, such as participating in an online networking group like my free Dental Marketing and Profits Facebook group, where I am with thousands of dentists helping each other to build better practices. Although it cannot replace the deep impact of person to person connectivity, the internet goes a long way in connecting people and even easier by removing most of the impediments that prevent people from linking with each other personally as physical distance, expense, and even travel time.

Ever since I discovered the power of Facebook for dentists, I focused my practice virtually using Facebook to regularly attract patients. This is also the focus of my team and thousands of other dentists with us.

Dental Internet Marketing

Dental internet marketing uses the internet to attract people to your practice. A common example in dental internet marketing technique includes search engine marketing and optimization, or SEO for dentists. This uses email marketing for dentists, online funnel marketing for dentists and social media marketing for dentists. Although the technical terms at first might seem intimidating but in reality, each of these things is just another way to position your dental practice in front of potential clients to attract them to patronize your practice.

Cost, flexibility, and speed are the main benefits of dental internet marketing. Get started with any of the common dental internet marketing techniques in a matter of minutes without having to invest thousands of dollars and to wait months or longer to see any benefit.

Social Media Marketing for Dentists 

There are many forms of Social Media Marketing to fit your marketing budget. For example, anyone in dental practice can create a free Facebook page. After setting up your Facebook page dental practice, you can begin posting for free right away. Your FB page must be interesting with text, images, and video posts that you want to share with people so they will know why your dental services are not stereotyped but different from the rest.

In fact, your  Facebook page can begin before you open your practice doors. One of my team members in dental-marketing started posting about her story and an interesting vision for her practice while building her office. This earned her hundreds of leads plus over fifty appointments scheduled before she even opened!

I love Facebook but there are other social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest that will help you build a profile and share content all for free!

Facebook is always my favorite social media site for dentists because it creates powerful ads platform. They are so powerful because of their control, cost, and speed over every part of your ad campaign, unlike traditional ads.

Facebook allows you to look and go over your content while with a few clicks it can adjust nearly every aspect of your ad campaign. You have the option to run multiple versions of the same ad that is called split testing where you change one part of an ad and leave the same with others to find which version works best. For example, you can email the same offers to the same group of people but use four different images, and later on, Facebook will show you which image performs better. When you discover the best version, you can delete the worst-performing ads with just one click. You could utilize the same image and target audience, but change the offer to see which offers work the best. You have endless possibilities and you do not need to change.  With traditional advertising, the new version could require weeks or months and cost thousands of dollars to test.

In a matter of seconds with no cost, Facebook can do everything for you while you have lots of control over your target audience. This helps you to target only people who are eager to take you up on your offer. For example, you can send your ads to new additional patients or you can also use your patient list to exclude current patients from new-patient promotions to avoid upsetting current patients by those offers.

Finally, another reason Facebook ads are so great is because of their cost or how they charge you. Not only are their costs traditionally much lower than other platforms, but you can choose which action you want your ad to encourage, such as link clicks or look at videos for charges are paid when that see the result.

With all these options, Facebook is really the best and most flexible place to market your dental practice, starting from its free Facebook pages to its flexible, sophisticated ads platform available.

Funnel Marketing for Dentists

To shorten the time and effort necessary to turn strangers into patients, online funnels are a powerful way to do it. Just like in Facebook, I developed core marketing activity in my dental practice as well as an activity for my team and me. I have assisted other dentists in their practice. Because they are so powerful, I would recommend that every dental office maintain an online marketing funnel.

Online funnels are a great help to automate many of the steps every person goes through before becoming a patient. The first step, they begin to know you in some ways through a personal connection or marketing campaign. The second step, they develop an interest in something you have to offer. The third step, they made the decision to engage your service by visiting your site and learning more about you. Finally, they make an appointment for treatment.

If done manually in person or on the phone, this task is time-consuming and an expensive process. With the use of funnels, however, the process can be automated through a series of web pages that walks people through the pretreatment process.

There are many reasons to build funnels: to promote a specific high-value procedure, to build an email list of people to contact if you need to fill last-minute cancellations and no matter what your goal is, you can design an automated funnel to help you lower the time and money you need to spend accomplishing your goal.

Email Marketing for Dentists

A simple and powerful for dentists is email marketing. Using a newsletter to communicate with your patients is the simplest form of email marketing. Sharing news, events, reminders, and last-minute appointment opportunities with people will help you stay on top of their mind, strengthen relationships with patients, and communicate promotions to people who already know, like, and trust you.

In addition to communicating with your patients and making offers that are best presented to existing patients, your email list can help you improve Facebook advertising results. To accomplish this task, you need to upload to the FB’s ad manager your email list for Facebook to create a custom advertising audience consisting of people on your email list who have Facebook accounts.

This is Facebook’s powerful audience for three reasons. First, people are more receptive to ads on Facebook than they would be if you send an email ad to them. Second, not all emails are opened so if you only make your offers in an email, it’s likely that much less than half of your list will see it. Lastly, in addition to your custom audience email subscribers, Facebook can create a second audience of people that make good prospects as they have things in common with your email subscribers. In Facebook, they are called “lookalike” audience.

As a final activity, your email can be used to act as an online marketing funnel for offers not suitable to be delivered through a series of web pages. For example, a teeth whitening funnel would consist of a Facebook ad to a webpage that promises people who enter their email a coupon. The printable coupon is found on a second webpage after they enter their email. No sequence to the long email is necessary to this type of funnel, a long email sequence is not necessary.

Prospects need to be prequalified and have to answer several questions that are the higher-priced procedure. Watch for best results after a series of web pages delivered minutes apart. If your funnel is designed to put people into an automated email sequence, your results will be better when you build people’s trust after a number of days or even weeks as you answer questions, share testimonials, and showing that you have a quality and trustworthy practice. Include in this process a website of your Facebook and promise to send information by email and a corresponding sequence of five emails sent to people over a number of days or weeks.

For a dentist and other reasons, Email marketing makes a powerful tool. Use it regularly to start an email to market your practice. This allows you to communicate regularly with your patients, making your Facebook ads more effective, and be able to deliver automated funnel sequences that is a simple and great way to start!

Using Dentists’ Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing

Two of the most misunderstood internet marketing activities for dentists are  Search engine optimization or SEO, and search engine marketing or SEM although closely related, SEO and SEM are very different.

SEO engages in online activities that are noticed by search engines. In general, there are five activities to be noticed by search engines in a way that affects dentists. These activities are content writing, link building, local citations optimization, online review marketing, and website optimization.

 1. Content Writing is the relevant content for websites to attract business.  Every website has a specific target audience and requires content to include keywords that are specific business-related terms, which internet users might use in order to search for services or products and aimed towards improving a website's SEO.

2. Link Building means getting connected with other websites to link to your website. This happens as the engine website considers sites more reputable than others. To build great contents is the best way to create links that earn you those links. Email articles to other site owners that talk about dental care and ask them to consider linking to it. This work can be time-consuming if done by yourself and manually; however, you can hire a reputable SEO company to help you do this. I suggest dentists spend a lot of their own time learning, but I include it here for completeness.

3. Local Citation Optimization means making sure your practice name, address, and phone number remain consistent across all listing websites, such as HealthGrades, Google My Business, and Yelp!. Having the same information about you across many sites must be the same to communicate relevance to search engines when someone searches for “best dentist in [your area]. Optimizing your xx local citations is not as easy as it sounds. Software like Birdeye can help you make online review marketing easy and optimize dozens of sites with ease.

4. Online Review Marketing moves up the search results, especially with Google reviews. They make a strong impression on people who find you and see all those gold stars! It is lots of work but software solutions like Birdeye help make online review marketing easy.

5. Website Optimization is a technical practice that I suggest leaving to the pros. Generally speaking, website optimization involvement is to make sure your website will be noticed by search engines and you understand what your site is all about. This relates to setting up how your website structures URLs, or the specific web addresses for each page, how your text is formatted, and how your images are presented. Let experts optimize your site for SEO is a technical exercise that is best left to the experts.

Search Engine Marketing or SEM has a similar goal to SEO, but a different approach. Basically, Search Engine Machine pays the appearance of search engines whenever people in your area are looking for certain words.

For instance, when people in your area are searching for “teeth whitening” or “best dentist in [your area],” you pay search engines to have the name of your web to appear be displayed on the search results page.

This is one service from search engines that are the fast and effective way to get noticed but its disadvantages. For example, it goes without saying that you must know exactly where to research the best terms to give you the best results, your best option is to hire a reputable dental marketing company to help you. Although you have to pay to get the best result which is all for your advantage. Finally, you have to pay for your own advantage. With SEO, it will require a little time for the search engine to notice you, but its advantages last much longer and no need to keep paying for the best.

Should You Hire a Dental Marketing Company?

Before you hire a dental marketing company, evaluate carefully your marketing company and your practice to make sure it is the right move.

There are benefits of hiring a dental marketing company that is reputable to facilitate best and most effective promotions to practice. Online marketing changes fast with a reputable dental marketing company, you can get the benefit of their latest information and tactics. You can also share the benefit of their work with other clients. As they conducted the test on tactics, they have learned better ways to market their services and apply that institutional knowledge to help you that will be impossible on your own.

Dentists suffer from lots of pressures while operating their business, managing their day-to-day operations, and treating their patients. They have so little time to do the things they loved and bond with their family. Thanks to outsourcing so they are able to save time for self-education, to adjust, evaluate and implement marketing campaigns. With the aid of outsourcing, they can not only get better ROI but also have more personal time for themselves and their families.

Finally, it is the ROI they earned that evaluates the validity of their program. They are motivated to help you produce and implement whatever plan you come up with, as internal team members might be.

For these reasons, I highly recommend considering hiring a company to do your marketing especially for more technological activities, such as advertising on Facebook, email marketing and online funnels. This is the reason why my dental marketing team is built around helping dentists with these key activities. These marketing strategies have the highest-impact to available strategies and good for a dental marketing company to make a good impact.

Aside from the advantages, using email marketing, Facebook, funnels, online review marketing and using software like Birdeye make local citation management is a low-cost, high-impact investment into attracting patients.

Dental marketing companies lift the burden of marketing from daily chores and free you and your team do your jobs well using what has required the investment of money.

With a tight budget, you lower-impact activities to hire a dental marketing company, so you have limited dollars to start some of the free and local marketing activities and experiment until you have more money to make a good investment in the dental marketing company.

For questions about dental marketing companies, I and my team will be happy to accommodate you.

 Are You Ready for a Simple but Powerful Dental Marketing?

A simple marketing plan is the best dental marketing plan, we have helped hundreds of our colleagues to increase their ROI, draw in new patients, update the presence for your social media and reduce ad costs. Helping you gives us great pleasure to get connected.