6 White Hat Link Building Tips for 2014 and Beyond

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6 White Hat Link Building Tips for 2014 and Beyond

White hat link building is regarded as any “legitimate” method used to direct traffic from other sources to your website to make it more visible. The idea behind white hat is to have traffic come to you naturally without funny tactics or buying links. The most important thing however is to have great content that will make people want to share your link with others, hence leading to high traffic back to you. It goes without saying that having consistent blogs of great content on your website is the number one tip of white hat link building. On your blogs, you can encourage people to use your free trials which will make it fun for them.

6 More White Hat Link Building Tips

1. Create Visual Content

Besides writing great content, it’s important to have more sharable and attracting things like cartoons, videos, meme and graphics. These visual tools capture the attention of the reader and push them to share it especially if it is funny or brain-picking. However, make sure you relate the visual content with what your blog is about so you don’t miss the point. It is important to not let these visual tools overshadow your written content.

2. Have social sharing options

Make it as easy as possible for people to share your link. This can be done by having an RSS feed for the blog, having a tweet this or social sharing buttons. The best way to create a boost in traffic is through social media!

3. Get Involved in other Blogs

One can do this by writing good things about clients who will return the favor or use your blog for their promotion or you can do interviews for other blogs. It’s important to please people who can benefit your website and get involved in theirs is one way to get on their good side. Link on other blogs too and hope they will do the same for you. It is common for bloggers to do interviews for each other, in hope that the partnership can create more exposure.

4. Associate with Winners

This works for link building as it does in life. It’s important to roll with websites that have high rankings on Google. This will not only make your website seem important as well but it will also give it more visibility. This association can give you credibility as well.

5. Find the Right People to Link

Most people using link building often email the wrong destinations like company emails (e.g. [email protected]) which no one uses. The best thing is to email actual people in those companies so they can see them and return the favor.

6. Be the first.

It goes without saying that people love originality, meaning that you can attract great traffic if you are the first person to write about something new. The only way to do this is to stay in touch with the current news and be the first to blog about it.

The most important tip one can learn about white hat link building is creating good relationships in person and online.