Backlinks and Why Do They Matter

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Backlinks and Why Do They Matter

Search engine optimization has become a valuable part of running a successful website nowadays. It is entirely possible that you will have certain queries when you are getting your website optimized. One of the possible questions that can arise will be about the backlinks.

Many businesses do not know what backlinks are. They do not have any inkling as to the different ways the backlink can affect the optimization process of their website.

A backlink is simply a link which connects two websites. Backlinks are earned by creating something that is valuable or useful enough to be linked to. These links should originate from a relevant source which is reputable at the same time. Google considers backlinks to be a sign of quality. If you get a lot of backlinks from reputed sources, you will get to command a higher ranking.

However, you should remember that not all backlinks are good or of the same quality. When you procure backlinks from poor quality websites, your SEO can be harmed. The same happens when you try to purchase these links from other websites.

Fundamentals of Backlinks

  • Backlinks are incredible assets to any SEO campaign. However, they are only good if they are sourced from quality and authority websites.
  • Purchasing backlinks will be a complete waste of money. Google continuously refines its algorithms to catch these links and will penalize the websites indulging in such activities.
  • Quality links from websites relevant to your own, on the other hand, will give a major boost to your SEO.

Facts about Backlinks

There are certain things you should know about backlinks. This will help you make the best decision regarding the links you use on your websites.

Quality Links Can Provide Multiple Benefits

  • These links act as referrals and can bring in increased traffic flow.
  • Your website will gain a better exposure and a wider audience.
  • Quality links are effective advertisements and you do not even have to pay anything for them.

A Quality Link Equals a Vote Of Confidence

First, you should try to get links from websites that are authorities in their niches. Of course, these websites should be relevant to your own website. The links show that those websites approves and validates the quality of your website. This results in your website gaining a better ranking in the search results.

Go for DoFollow Links

There are two different ways a website can be linked to another.

  • DoFollow Links: These allow the search bots to follow and consider the links when ranking.
  • NoFollow Links: The search bots are prevented from adding any importance on the linked page when ranking.

Of course, a DoFollow Link will be better for your SEO.

Remember Google Penguin

The Penguin algorithm is employed to sniff out unnatural links in webpages. Subsequently these pages are penalized with a lower rank.

  • Locate unnatural links and eliminate them to avoid Penguin algorithms.
  • Quality links can be easily built when you have created good quality content.

With a little bit of information, you will be able to master backlinks and make your SEO process a success.