What is the Perfect Length for Your Online Content

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What is the Perfect Length for Your Online Content

Getting the best SEO for your website depends a lot on the content of your website. As for the success of the content you need to ensure that it is of the proper length. In fact, the success of any online marketing content will be dependent on the length. This includes posts on social networks, blogs and even the title tags of your page.

A short content may not be enough to provide your readers with enough information. On the other hand, a long content may be far too boring to read. In other words, you need to strike a perfect balance between the two in order to achieve success.

The Perfect Word Count

Each piece of online content should be just enough to convey your message properly. There should not be any extensions just for the sake of it.


  • Twitter: 70 to 100 characters are perfect. Smaller tweets tend to engage the readers more.


  • Facebook: You should be aiming for 40 characters. This is the best number to increase the shares your post receives.


  • Google+: 60 characters is the optimum. You can always use a gripping first line if the headline is small so that people are hooked onto reading more of the post.


  • Opening Paragraphs: 40 to 60 words can be used in the first paragraph of your post. Small paragraphs will help the reader focus on the text and move quickly through the content.


  • URL Domains: 8 characters are perfect. Smaller domain names are easily remembered. The best ones avoid using hyphens and complicated spellings. A .com extension is more agreeable to users as well.


  • Hashtags: The best hashtags contain 6 characters. Avoid using special characters. It is also better if colloquial language is avoided.


  • Email Subject Lines: The subject line can have 25 to 40 characters. This is the best way to get your recipients to open the email.


  • Title Tags: The perfect length of the title tags is 55 characters. If it exceeds 60 characters, an ellipsis will be used to shorten it.


  • Blog Headlines: 6 words are perfect for the purpose. People tend to pay more attention to the first and the last 3 words of any headline. You should keep your headlines crisp.


  • Blog Posts: You should be aiming for an average of 1600 words to ensure maximum readability. Most posts that are read are less than 3 minutes long. Posts that are less than 6 minutes will get read the most.


  • YouTube Videos: 3 minutes is the ideal length. The most popular videos are usually the shortest. The average length of these videos was around 3 minutes as well.


  • Podcasts: 22 minutes should be the perfect length for you to get your message across. Most people tend to get bored or they suffer a concentration lapse after 20 minutes. Retention rates decrease rapidly as well.


By taking the time to get the perfect length, you will be vastly improving the readability of all your online marketing content. People will begin to respond in greater numbers as well.