5 Factors For Effective PPC Campaigns

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5 Factors For Effective PPC Campaigns

If you’re selling a specific product or service online, you might want to look into making the most from PPC services. While this involves direct, sponsored advertising, it still relies on a number of important SEO fundamentals.

Target The Right Pages

One of the most important basics for any SEO effort, whether its PPC or not, is ensuring the right landing pages. After all, if you have used keywords and outreach campaigns to target specific keywords and topics, people will have already formed certain ideas and expectations of where they want to go and what they are looking for.

While a product page might be good for general SEO strategies, it isn’t always good for PPC – not unless it is specific enough to give people what they want. When someone clicks through a paid advert, it is likely they are ready (or highly interested, nonetheless) in making a purchase or action, so the pages you target should be chosen to best facilitate this.

Looking at some existing PPC landing page examples, it’s clear that many people target specific service pages, or category pages, rather than broader landing pages.

The Right Keywords

Keyword assessment and research is always vital but, with paid advertising, you have to balance a number of spinning dishes. When using the likes of Google’s keyword planner, you can see that the most popular search terms will, naturally, have a higher search volume but, often, they will have a higher cost as well. Depending on the competition, certain keywords might already have a very crowded market.

By all means, this should not discourage you from targeting these terms but, as we’ve said before, there is nothing wrong with exploring longtail keywords, too. This is especially true if you’re selling a rather unique product or service. This also works well with local services, as you can use the location to target more specific, narrow queries.

Keep Your Budget In Mind

Since PPC requires you to pay per click, this might not be something you can afford. Carefully managing this budget is important. This is one of the reasons why PPC is best left to e-commerce sites. So long as a high percentage of the click through rate represents actual conversions into customers and sales, the campaigns can – in essence – pay for themselves.

As a cheap SEO agency, we know how important budgets are and, with the right keyword selection, it is possible to get great results on any budget – just be sure to pick your battles carefully.

Don’t Ignore Other Areas Of SEO

Finally, as useful as paid advertising can be, it is not the only method at your disposal. We would still recommend considering the benefits of outreach SEO. After all, while PPC targets users looking for specific products, there is still a great percentage of people out there that, while not specifically looking, would nonetheless be interested in what you have to offer.

Why ignore these people? PPC can be useful, but it is at its best as part of a comprehensive strategy.