Our SEO Process

Lowcostseo undertake all our SEO projects with a solid underlying process that it prides itself in. As each clients has specific customised needs and requirement therefore our approach in creating and implementing the SEO strategy is vital to the success of the campaign. We understand that the key to optimal search performance is by first understanding your business and goals. We are happy to devise an online marketing solution for you and your company whether you require a full keyword analysis, competition analysis, link building campaign or even if you just want to talk to us about SEO, we're happy to help!

Stage 1: Analysis

·         We will analyze the existing website structure and frequency of indexing from Google

·         We will check current page rank, age of domain and length of time domain is registered

·         Evaluation of inbound link popularity and internal linking process

·         Evaluation of outbound link volume ratio compared to inbound links

·         We will review the quality, relevancy and neighborhoods' in which existing links exist

·         Identify percentage of no-follow and follow links

·         Analysis of Meta tags, h1 tags and title tags as viewed by search engines

·         Current website traffic and keywords which drive that traffic

·         Competitors in primary keyword verticals

·         Frequency in which content is added/updated

·         Evaluate existing keyword density as it relates to targeted keywords

·         Discover dynamic pages and improper URL names

·         View existing site maps for accuracy and updated frequency

·         Check Current Rankings

Stage 2: Strategy Development

·         We will conduct a targeted keyword analysis to develop a list of keywords which will be focused on within the campaign based on popularity of search and relevancy to website

·         We will review specific changes that are needed to the website itself in regards to the structure of the website. (Site map, title tags, meta/h1 tags, header tags etc)

·         To determine the overall need for additional content on the website and how detailed and involved this content will need to be.

·         We will create a detailed link building strategy focusing on varied link sources such as blog posts, real-time links, link reclamation, sidebar links, footer links, wiki posts and additional sources.

·         Analysis of potential implementation of Blog or RSS feed to improve frequency of relevant content placed on site.

·         Development of the Action Plan to begin the campaign

Stage 3: Implementation

·         Initial Strategy Meeting w/client. Introduction to Client Account Manager

·         Finalize of primary keywords to focus upon

·         Commencement of Action Plan as outlined in Phase 2

Stage 4: Management

·         Once your campaign is “live” we will provide monthly updates as to the status of tasks that have been performed on your monthly “SEO Dashboard”

·         Your Account Manager will be available to discuss your campaign at any point a question should arise.

·         Each month, we will provide you with a detailed overview of all services performed, inbound links developed and a detailed rankings report that outlines the rankings movement from the prior month.

·         Every client will be provided access to the LowcostSEO Client Centre that enables them the ability to view tasks, links acquired, rankings and various other analytics in “real-time” via a secure login.


For an effective SEO solution there needs to be in place a proper detailed strategy. One must understand how you’re performing, the competition around you and then base the strategic solution to achieving your goals. In addition, it’s imperative to have a clear understanding of your online presence which includes looking at keyword selection, onsite technical aspects, content strategy and a host of external factors of which social media is the important of all.

At LowcostSEO we know there is great potential to increase a website’s traffic, rankings and user engagement with a unified digital strategy as part of a safe long term solution. These strategies often include, but are not limited to the following -

·         Phrase Research

·         Competitive Analysis

·         Targeting

·         Project Timeline


Ongoing Care

·         Implementation of SEO-friendly marketing policies

·         Authority building campaign

·         Content strategy

·         Risk assessment and monitoring

·         Team training

Campaign Cost

We know that every business is different and there are varying degrees of competition within each industry. This is the core reason why our solutions have a scalable pricing model. The price is derived directly from the the very first strategy which includes keyword research or analysis and competitor analysis and is expressed in the amount of resources and work required to achieve and maintain the top results for your business.

At LowcostSEO, we believe that our success is tied to your success there we want to help your business earn great results in all search engines. We promise and guarantee a realistic and transparent long term solution to make this happen. 

Learn more about what we offer and the common questions on our FAQ page or contact us on [email protected]

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