5 Steps To Identify Effective Keywords

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5 Steps To Identify Effective Keywords

In context to internet marketing, keywords are phrases or words that are commonly searched by internet users on popular search engines such as Google. Once you have decided to work on a niche market, you need to identify keywords and include them inside the blog posts, content marketing, or article writing. Keywords are usually related to the products marketed on the site. The goal of using keywords is to get recognized by search engines.  Below are the important steps that you can take for identifying the effective keywords to market your products

Brainstorm on the subject

Think about the keywords that users could possibly type in the search box and look for the products. When your brain fumbles on something write it down a paper and make a list of them. Do not be too strict about the products you market. Focus on the niche subject you are working on and jot down the keywords related to it. Moreover, keywords can be more than just single words. They can be two or three word phrases.

Do an online research on the products and find associated phrases or words

Check out ClickBank, Amazon, Ebay and other marketplaces and find out the type of products sold or advertised within the niche. Click on the product descriptions and try to find ideas for new keywords. It can be based on styles, types, flavors, areas, materials, or languages used by other nationalities.

Visit forums and blogs

Make a habit to visit successful blogs and forums related to the niche. Read the posts and reviews from the customers and identify patterns, problems, and issues that you can address in you blog. Also find the keywords linked in the posts and use the same or modified ones in your keyword list.

When you create your blog and start adding posts, base your information and keywords addressing the issues and popularity of the products. This is an effective way to drive traffic to your website.

Use Google AdWords and other free keyword tools

Use free keyword tools or Google Ad words to find possible keywords. To using Google AdWords service one need to register and it’s a simple process. Give preference to the keywords that have a moderate recognition as keywords on the top usually have high level of competition.

These tools or resources along with providing a list of keywords also provide statistics and analysis. One can export the report to the worksheet and save it locally on the system for future reference.

Final keyword selection

The final list of keywords should at least contain about 30 to 50 keywords. Carefully include these inside the blogs, posts, and advertisements. Do not overuse the keywords and saturate your site. The readers and search engines will recognize the information as spam and this leads to lower rankings. 

Remember, highly popular keywords may not be beneficial. Having keywords that are more precise and fit into the context provide more success and recognition.