5 types of strategic off-site content

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5 types of strategic off-site content

Off-site content is integral if you want to run a successful marketing strategy for your website. Off-site content could include stuff like your Instagram profile or other social media accounts. Through the effective use of off-site content, you could boost clicks to your website and your sales too! As an internet marketer, you should not focus solely on what is on your website, or what is called on your on-site content, content that is from your website is important too.

If you are wondering what off-site content is, then basically it refers to content that you publish, is related to your website, information you control, but that is not hosted on your own website. Social media is where most of your off-site content is located. These kinds of off-site content could include blog posts, social media posts, etc.

Off-site content is importantly mainly because of three things. The first factor is because Google diversifies its searches. This means that you have a more SEO friendly presence on the internet if you choose to produce off-site content. The second main factor is awareness, more people are simply more aware of your brand, if you have off-site content attached to it. And finally, off-site content could increase traffic to your website through clicks from your off-site links. As you can see, there are a lot of reasons why you should care about your off-site content.

Do you want to know some effective strategies to improve your off-site content, here are several strategies you can follow.

1. Post on forums

Forum postings can be really effective tools to direct people to your websites. Forums appear on search engine rankings a lot, so when you post your website or brand link on forums, then you will be able additional search hits. And when you post on forums, you could actively engage with other users. This means that your marketing strategy is humanised because you interact with other people.

2. Use blogs

Blogging is a really powerful and effective strategy to promote any kind of content, especially websites. A blog of your company should have unique content if you want it to be effective. You can also share links and other on-site related content on your websites.

3. Share with social bookmarking

Many people discover new products and websites through social bookmarking. This is because it is a very easy and attractive way to share links. You should be careful not to spam social bookmarking websites, because this could turn many users away from your website, instead try to post quality content.

4. Promote using videos

Share your website content on video platforms, such as YouTube. This can be an effective promotion strategy that could draw more clicks to your website. Video promotions can also draw more potential customers in because they can easily visualise using your product or service thanks to your video.

5. Write business reviews

Having business reviews written about your website can increase its credibility. Share your website's business reviews, on review websites. These reviews could convince others to go to your website.