Common Grammatical Mistakes Made In Website Content

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Common Grammatical Mistakes Made In Website Content

From the time the Internet has taken the front seat it is constantly attracting everything which has got existence in this world. I am sure you did not understand this statement. Well, every individual is addicted to social networking sites. Every business that you see these days can also be accessed via the Internet through their official website. So, there is nothing that you will not find on the Internet.

Companies or organizations are working dedicatedly to make their presence felt on the Internet or the virtual world. And, the only way they can do so is by creating custom-made websites. Yes, viewers and customers who are looking for similar products and service can visit your website to know about them or to order them. Thus, it is important that you design your website in the best way possible so that you are able to draw the customer’s attention.

A website basically has to be a combination of everything. You will have to feed details about important details related to the company. It is also important that you give details about your mission and vision. Again, you will definitely have to talk about all the products and services that your company is willing to give to the clients and customers.

All the information that is given is in the form of images, videos, and writing. Thus, it is very crucial that the videos and images are of the highest quality and the writing should be of matured quality and also grammatically correct. Most of the times websites fail to draw the attention of the customers just because they lack the quality of videos, images, and writing. Above all, they tend to make grammatical mistakes when they feed in written details. This hampers the reputation of the website in the Google search engine and also takes the website lower in the search page in terms of ranking. Hence, it is important that you do not make any grammatical errors in your website else the consequences are going to be bad.

So, what are the common grammatical mistakes that most content writers make while writing contents. Here is a list of them.

  • Than/Then:

This is the most common mistakes you will find in content writing and for your information this mistake is not made intentionally. The content writer makes this mistake through the flow of writing he or she follows. All that is needed to be taken care of is that the writer is a bit alert while writing these terms. The term, then is used when there is a sequence of events being explained. And, the term, than is used when there is comparison being explained.

  • Affect/ Effect:

There is a big difference between these two terms. Placing them wrongly would certainly change the meaning of the sentence that is being conveyed. The term, affect is used in the form of verb whereas, the term, effect is used specifically as a noun.

  • Further/Farther: 

These two terms are completely opposite to each other. Both are used to convey two different messages through a sentence. Farther, is used when one is trying to explain physical distance. And, the term, further is used when one is trying to relate to an extension.