Creating SEO Friendly Blogs

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Creating SEO Friendly Blogs

You’ve read the best blog posts from various sites mainly because it is entertaining, relatable and easy to find. Some well-known content writers are conscious of the secrets to these SEO friendly posts, making it easy for them to publish more stories acknowledged by search engine sites. Here are some important reminders to create SEO friendly blogs:

For the Content, It must be:

·         Distinctive. Repetition is okay but it must be done necessarily. Explore new ideas to create new topics that people will talk about.

·         Functional. Your branding can help you decide what blogs can help your viewers. Productive information can help you produce these effective topics.

·         Appealing. This is common yet it is also the most significant. Pleasing viewers does not solely depend on the subject, it must include the style of writing that people would be interested in and not stay away from. These styles should be developed by the writer.

Manage SEO by producing:

·         Simple and Catchy Titles. One that relays and teases the whole content immediately.

·         Appropriate Keywords. One thing we have learned in SEO blog writing is that, we should never put too much keywords since they end up being redundant or forced. Focus on at least 2 long tail keywords and make them look like they belong to the sentences. These helps your content to become specific. Input them in your blog’s title, meta description, body, and link.

·         Mobile Compatible Content. Google, as one of the leading search engine sites, focuses their algorithm on this factor due to the growing number of mobile phone internet use. If your blog is not readable on this platform, then the keywords may end up useless. Activate mobile accessibility form your settings to make sure. For those who work with web developers, make sure they include this feature.

·         Optimized Multimedia. Here we put in the necessary videos, gifs, and images. These can be entertaining when done right. For SEO, add alternative texts (Alt Text) for the pictures you put on the blog. Producing an original visual is also a plus.

·         External links. These links can help the search engines know if your site is valid enough. Many blogs include sources to support their reference. This way, you are both helping your readers and your blog.

Additionally, Take Note of the:

·         Timing of publication. For blogs that follow the trends, captivate your reader’s attention by talking about what is developing at this moment. Though this may only be relevant to those who publish trendy topics. Still, it’s a good way to notice when your viewers would want to read such blog.

·         Social Media’s Importance. It is good to take advantage of the things we are already familiar with i.e sharing contents on social media.

·         Proofreading. It would be clever for the writer to check the content thoroughly to achieve perfection even if it is just temporary. Your content will still be the soul of your blog which is why making sure it has less to no mistakes would be great.