Does Design Matter in Link Acquisition?

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Does Design Matter in Link Acquisition?

It is common to see marketers making investments in link acquisition programs. This is simply due to the inherent value in them apart from backlinks. Link acquisition can help in targeting specific sections of the web traffic. The potential conversion rates improve. The lifetime value of the customer increases as well. Nonetheless, there are ways to improve the effectiveness of any link acquisition program.

The Importance of Design

There certainly are many elements which need to be considered when trying to improve link acquisition. Be that as it may, there is one element which can have a tremendous impact on your improvement program which is the design. Design is quite important for link acquisition.

First Impressions Are the Last

The first impression that marketers have when viewing your website will determine whether they would like to build links with your website. Usually the marketer will only take a few seconds to arrive at this decision. The homepage of your website will need to make a quick and good impression or the marketer may move on. It will take less than a second for the marketer to judge the worth of your home page

You need to invest in a good design. You can get significant returns for the investment in the future. You will get your returns in the form of numerous sales, shares and links. These are the indirect advantages of having a good and attractive website design.

Choosing the Best Design

These are a few tips that can be used to improve the design of the website to make link acquisition easier.

  • The design of the website should be suitable for the brand. It should shine a favorable light on the business.


  • The design chosen should be easily viewable on mobile devices. This can ensure that mobile users have no problem in accessing the website.


  • Select a certain combination of colors to use for the majority of the design of your website. At the same time, ensure that the color for the call to action or other similar elements is contrasting to the website colors.


  • The design of the website should ensure maximum readability through the font used. The font should be legible and of the correct size. You should keep in mind that not all users will have good eyesight. The right size for your find will make it easier for visitors to browse your webpages.


You should invest in the design of your invest so that you can properly deliver your brand image to anybody that is interesting in linking to your website.

The Design Affects the Outreach Campaign

The design is still one of the major factors that can influence the rate of link acquisition through an outreach campaign. It can indirectly influence the behavior of those looking to link with your website. One reason why visitors are responding to your outreach campaign is due to the improper design. They may have visited your website through your email and found that the design was not what they would have desired.