Factors determining your SEO investment

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Factors determining your SEO investment

How to get full value from your SEO investment?

As you have completed the developing phase of your website, you will now begin searching for SEO companies to market your site on search engines. There are lots of factors to consider when selecting an SEO company and in many cases we as individuals have our own personal mind-set on who we like or prefer to work with and not. Some of us want our SEO services provider to be locally based and some are not fussed as long as the work is efficiently done.

The main question is on how to get the best out of your SEO investment? – Firstly, every SEO campaign is different to the other in the sense that one negative factor could be a positive for a different campaign.

Comparison of in-house and outsourced SEO costs

There is a difference in the number of hours that one SEO company takes to optimize your website compared to another company. The fluctuation is also seen in the hourly rate too. If you look at our full corporate SEO package priced at £699 per month which includes everything that a company will need to get the maximum exposure and visibility on the web. Now compare this with a wage you will pay for an employee to carry out the same piece of work. An average SEO expert’s salary is around £25,000 which equates to £2080 per month. We a SEO company like us, there are simply no contracts at all whereas with the SEO employee you will have to offer him/her a minimum contract. Now ask yourself this question, can a single employee handle everything? Will they be able to research, write content and optimize the web pages, link build all by themselves?

In all honesty it is exceptionally rare to come across someone who is an expert in everything. It will be very difficult for him/her to keep up with the latest trends in SEO. When you hire a SEO Company you do not have to worry about paying for training or time lost due to the SEO expert being ill or away. The SEO Company will have lots of experts on board to handle projects even if one expert is away. We are not against hiring an in-house SEO expert but simply want to tell you the pros and cons of hiring one. You will have pay for the education, materials, software, travel if required and any other training course required in relation to SEO.

The hardest part for us is to convince clients to invest in our SEO Services. In an ideal situation we want them to approach us for our services. We simply want to convince the business owners the importance of investing money in their site’s marketing. Business owners must understand that SEO is not about paying the highest but about how much return of investment you make.

Be cautious in spending in these Economical Times

Marketing campaigns can be money draining if not done properly or monitored well. We all know the world economy is in turmoil right now and taking big monetary risks now is not a good idea. We have come across many SEO clients who have complained that they’ve spent well into thousands and yet no results have been seen. They have been left with pennies and no budget at all for SEO. Some of them have lost all the trust in SEO companies too.  What we always tell our clients is to look at the return of investment they’re attaining. If you are spending £300 on SEO per month and the return is less then there is no point in carrying on with SEO. What you need is a shift in marketing strategy. Any form of marketing requires patience and commitment to see it through, one cannot sign up for SEO and expect results immediately. The key to making any business successful is to investment the right amount of time and money towards it.  Just look at it in the following way:

-          If you have no time nor money, then the chance of your business succeeding will be low.

-          If you have money but no time then success will come but it will be intermittent and fluctuating.

-          If you have time and no money then you will run surely run out of time before you make it happen.

-          If you have both money and time then success rate will be high but you still have to implement a strong plan for your SEO to succeed.

All in all, it is vital to have both time and money in your hands if you want to increase your chances of success with the marketing campaigns.

Spend Money to Make Money

We have all heard the logic behind “Money makes Money”. It is somewhat a true fact in the SEO business as well. For a business to increase its profits, they need to spend more in marketing to attain higher customer conversions or signups. The question once again is, will the spending be worth it in the end? We all want to spend less and get the results but you must understand that all big companies keep on spending and spending as that does get them the results. They comprehend that as soon as they stop, they might lose some of their market share. If you know that your online marketing campaign is doing well, you should increase it to the next level rather than decreasing it.

Now it’s your time to make the decision whether or not you want to take the plunge into SEO. You have to create a plan, a budget that you want to follow and look for a SEO services provider that you can afford. At the same time, look for genuinely brilliant SEO Companies that will actually deliver results for you. Compare what SEO companies offer within their SEO packages as sometimes paying a little higher might be a good idea. Look at testimonials, ask for references to speak to and also look at the background of the company too. The final decision rests with you as the business owner to determine the success or failure of the SEO Campaign.

Search engine optimization return on investment or the ROI of SEO

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