Give a Boost to your SEO with the Right Content Style

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Give a Boost to your SEO with the Right Content Style

The content of your website is the singularly decisive factor for the ranking factor of your website. It does not matter how much effort you put in into your SEO, they will be rendered useless if there is no proper content in your website. Keeping that in mind, there are certain tips you can implement while creating a set of content that can help you in your search engine optimization activities.

Readability and Optimization Are Different

It is easy to write content specifically for your search engine optimization processes. However, you will not find the content interesting or even useful. In short, you will not be reading it. That means, your visitors and customers will not read it either. Write content that can be easily read by people. Moreover, Google is placing more importance on content which is natural. You just need to optimize it enough to enable the robots to rank it.

Keyword Density Is No Longer Your Concern

Keyword density was once a very important metric for SEO. This is no longer the case. Google does not care about density of keywords anymore. Instead, it does care about keyword stuffing and will penalize your website if they find it. Direct your efforts towards making the content look natural instead of keyword placement and density.

Be Varied In Your Approach to Keywords

Google, or for that matter, other search engines, will match the results according to the possible intentions of the search. They do not match the exact search terms to the keywords anymore. Synonyms and other related terms can be used instead of using the exact keyword phrases. This gives variety to the content and makes it more relevant. In fact, you can target different search queries with the same content.

Bigger Is Better

Short content is on its way out. The majority of the websites on any first page of search results will have content that is 2000 words on an average now. The bigger length of the content allows you to provide an in-depth view of a topic. Of course, you should not write 2000 words just for the sake of it. Instead, you should do it to provide the visitors with information.

Long Tail Keywords Can Be Used

The problem with long tail keywords is that they tend to be difficult to optimize. They are more competitive by their very nature of being specific. Ranking with the help of these keywords demands a lot of effort certainly. The search volume for them is also lower. Be that as it may, the traffic from these keywords is already motivated and will be easier to convert.

Provide Answers Rather Than Questions

Customers are bound to have questions about the products and services that you offer. You should design content that can answer all of these questions and clarify any doubt that they may have. The answers should be credible and, if possible, better than the competition. This format can help you make use of long tail keywords as well.

Create content that can take advantage of the keywords instead of the other way around. That will boost your SEO and conversion rates.

We found this great image via Slideshare outlining what content should look like and how to write high quality engaging content.