Google Ranking Factors You Need To Consider If You Are a Beginner

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Google Ranking Factors You Need To Consider If You Are a Beginner

Are you looking for alternatives to enhance the SEO ranking of your web page? Do you want know the factors that affect the ranking of your website on Google? There are certain factors that you need to focus on when you have launched your business website and want to improve its ranking.

On page factors

The optimization of the web page is the most important factor that affects the visibility of your page.

Placements of Keywords: The placement of the keyword should be such that it is present on the title, the body of the content and the H1 tag. The keyword in the title gives an accurate description of the page. It helps the search engine to decide against which ranking it should be placed. Including a keyword in the description tag aids both the searcher and the search engine to look for a certain topic. It also allows you to gain more clicks from the users. The H1 tags serves to describe the contents of the page. However, there should not be an excessive use of keywords. This may have a dismal effect on your website.

Length of the Content: The contents of the website should be informative. Avoid giving just the basic information this is because searchers are looking forward to educate themselves on a certain topics. Receiving only basic information would not quench their thirst. Take care to avoid plagiarism. Having identical contents can affect the rankings of your website.

Image Optimization: It is not only the content but also other media content that can and should be optimized in web page.

Website Links: When you link your website to a trustworthy page, it will enable you to gain the trust of the search engine. However, do not include excess outbound links. You can also interlink your own pages. It will strengthen the website.

Site Factors

A few site factors can affect the ranking of your website.

Sitemap: It helps the search engine to index the all the pages in the website. This is the most effective way of letting Google know what information has been included in your website.

Domain Trust: Build up the trust of your domain. This will certainly have a positive effect on the ranking of the page.

Mobile Optimization: Ensure that your site can be viewed from all kinds of gadgets like a tablet or a smartphone. The increase in the usage of mobile phones has led people to search for any information online. When the site is mobile optimized it will make you climb higher in the ranking.

Off-Page Factors

Linking Domains and Pages: The total number of domains linking to you is a crucial factor. It is always advisable to have links from various domains rather than having it from one domain.

Link Ranking and Relevance: The ranking of all pages are not the same. Therefore, when you link a page to your own website take care not to link it to a page that is lower in ranking.  The links that you provide should also be relevant to your own content.