Google’s Guide for Creating High Quality Content

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Google’s Guide for Creating High Quality Content

Information is now easily accessible around the world through the internet. Through the internet, it is now possible to share ideas to a vast range of audiences online. People can share their stories through online posts in blogs, webpages and social media. Technology today has made it easy for people to connect with other people, to reach out and communicate online through the internet. Information online comes in many forms, be it articles, blog posts, advertisements and etc. Search engines are common ways for people to seek out specific information online. Information that are related to people’s searched keywords or terms come out as results in search engines and they correspond to many different webpages to visit.

A group from Google’s Developer Relation published to the public different guides on high-quality content tips Google style for helping creators and content writers strive for high-quality contents. Google have known to use these guides internally and they have chosen to impart the knowledge to the public to develop awareness and promote learning. These guides however are not set to stone, they are also not new or have some unique style and originality to it. The guides are also not complete and they act as resources for interested individuals to collaborate together in creating improved high-quality content rewarded by search engines and valued by users. The guide points out that an ideal high-quality content results from making use of code, content and UX that are high-quality. Here are a few tips for content as the guide suggests:

(1) delivery of the purpose in a clear and friendly tone and understanding the users as well as being knowledgeable;

(2) use the standard American language of sentence construction;

(3) keeping sentences short, clear, concise and using easily understandable words;

(4) for sequencing events considering the use of numbered lists;

(5) implementing effective link text that are dexeiptive and link sites that are respectable, reliable and high-quality.

As many pieces of information circulate around online, articles and posts containing specific information loose their value, degrade and become irrelevant. This is why search engines come with algorithms set to standards to only offer results that are relevant, reliable and trustworthy. Standards that make sure that only the deserving results are high ranking in the results page. Google being the biggest search engine in the internet have set standards for contents that deserve a high rank. The main importance for this standard is to make sure that contents are of high-quality.

Marketers and online content writers can take advantage of the guides published for high-quality content tips Google style in order to make sure that people are able to seek out the information that they provide. Since high-quality contents are only shown as high ranking in search engine results page, an effort needs to be exerted with certain standards met. The internal guides published by Google’s Developer Relation Group can be used as reference in order to achieve Google’s standard of high-quality content to obtain high ranking results.