How Good Is Your Marketing Strategy? Use These Metrics to Find Out

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How Good Is Your Marketing Strategy? Use These Metrics to Find Out

It is difficult to measure how good or successful your marketing strategy is without the help of metrics. After all, it is essential to understand which components are good and which are not in order to run a marketing strategy. With metrics, you can glean critical information so that you can improve the components and techniques so as to get better results. Nowadays, the metrics are definitive enough to give you a thorough understanding of the usability and success of your content marketing strategy.

Given below are just some of the metrics you can find useful in running your marketing campaign.

Page Views

With the metric, you can understand which particular pages are attracting the most readers. You will also get to know how many of those attractive pages you have. This gives you a clearer idea of the content with the best performance.

Email Opens

This metric will help you understand how many people are opening your emails and at what time they are doing so. It helps you find out the best time to send your emails and what subject lines are more attractive for your readers.

Return Rate

The return rate shows you how many visitors are coming back again to your website as compared to the people who are visiting your website for the first time. A mixture of new and return visitors is good but you need to have separate ways to relate with them.

Follower Count

Followers are loyal visitors who wish to keep track of your latest posts and updates. A variety of tools are available to keep track of followers. You can use this metric to create suitable strategies specifically for your followers.

Social Media Shares

This metric helps you understand which kinds of content are more likely to be shared. There are tools to keep track of shares across a variety of networks. You can make more of the same kind of content to keep getting higher shares.

Generation of New Leads

There are tools to understand how many leads are being generated after they visit your website and browse through the content. Understanding the number of leads created by your content is essential to improving the content marketing strategy.

Unique Visitors

A visitor to your website can browse through multiple pages before leaving which means page views cannot be used to accurately determine the actual number of visitors. This metric on the other hand can tell you how big your audience is.

Average Time on a Page

Gain an insight to the time being spent by your visitors on a page. People may either skim through the content rapidly or take their time in reading it slowly. You will be able to curate your future content on the basis of this metric to serve your customers better.

Pages per Visit

This metric shows you how many pages are being viewed by a visitor on a single visit as well as the number of people that are doing so.

Metrics are important if you want to improve your marketing strategy as they show you exactly what needs to be changed for better results.

Companies spend a lot of time in making their online marketing strategies better. It takes a lot of effort as well. So you are trying to improve your skills by reading materials and testing out theories. However, you should know if the methods you are employing are actually working. After all, there is no reason for you to waste time on tactics that do not work. Instead, you could have put in the same effort on implementing the methods that do.

This is the Digital Age

In the digital age, marketing has become a much less time consuming process. You have the ability to use various metrics and analytical data to improve the marketing strategies. Moreover, the data is available for you in real time. In fact, it is important that you use the information from the metrics and measured data if you want to become successful in the digital age. It does not matter what online marketing tool you use, various metrics are bound to be available for it.

You can even measure the success of the search engine optimization procedures that have been performed on your website. There are three main areas of your SEO campaign that needs to be measured which are as follows:

  • Generation Of Traffic
  • Conversion Of Traffic
  • Revenue Collected


Generation of Traffic

The metrics that fall under this umbrella are very important for you SEO campaign. Improvement in this category will reflect better in the other ones.

Overall Traffic: You should not only measure the page views of your website when monitoring website traffic. The number of visitors to your website needs to be taken into consideration. Only unique visitors should be counted and that, too, over a period of time such as a week or month.

Sources of traffic: By knowing the source of the traffic that finds its way to your website, you can make a better marketing strategy to increase the flow. Certain keywords might be contributing to more traffic than others, for example.

Mobile Traffic: It has now become important to measure how much of your website traffic originates from mobile devices. Users of mobile devices such as smartphones are increasing which, in turn, has created a new viable source of revenue.

Conversion of Traffic

The main purpose of having a business website is to make sales and online marketing campaigns are meant for converting the website traffic into sales.

Conversion Rate: This is a very important metric as a higher conversion rates mean more revenue.

Costs per Lead: This is a ratio that measures the money you spent on converting one member of the traffic into a sale.

There are other metrics such as bounce rate, average cost per page view, rate of return visitors, average page views per visit and so on.

Revenue Collected

The metrics under this category will help you understand the profitability of your marketing campaign. Some of these metrics are return on investment and cost to acquire a customer.

Metrics can be useful in getting an exact idea about the weak points of your marketing campaign so that you can modify them to become successful.