How to be more creative in your Online Campaigns?

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How to be more creative in your Online Campaigns?

Regardless of the presence of diverse mediums for advertising like the web, TV and radio, businesses still understand the vitality of promotional tools in impacting their target market. From the standard pens, mugs and eBooks, marketing tools have advanced into more resourceful and unique forms circulated liberally at trade-shows, online campaigns or some piece of guerrilla promoting fights.

The SEO landscape is constantly changing, and this means that those who fail to adapt and embrace will eventually fall behind. This means that digital marketing must not only evolve relatively, but also creatively.

Creativity is not all art, as there are science elements inherent in it. Creativity is not meant to be plain abstract or absurd, but it must also be complemented with practical and rational factors. People often associate creativity with something new, but it takes someone creative to combine old ideas to create something new.

Instead of boring you with SEO-related information, this article will focus on practical tips to help you be more creative.

  1. Visualize

    Why do detectives in movies often pin up evidences and information on a wall, and use a red string to connect the points? By being able to visualize the various ideas or points, it helps the brain to process the connections between information.

    When you lay out all your ideas graphically and using colors to categorize, it will better help you identify what is currently working in your campaigns. By simply processing the thoughts in our mind, we might miss out on vital details or fail to put a “red string” around a factor.
  2. Brainstorm

    It is always advisable to brainstorm in a group as the group synergy can bring forth different perspectives and a new energy. We always need a devil’s advocate to challenge our thoughts, someone who is bold enough to shoot our ideas down with the right spirit. Always discuss with someone who thinks differently from you.
  3. Move

    You need to keep moving in order to open more doors of ideas and possibilities. You cannot stand still and yet demand improvements. If you feel that your business is stuck in a rut, or you desperately need an influx of fresh ideas, then you need to move into a new environment, meet new people or read widely. One plus one will always be equal to two. You get what you put in.
  4. Change

    You need to first change the frame of your thoughts. If you are always loitering within the same comfort zone, you will always dismiss ideas or styles that are dissimilar to your current campaigns. Instead of looking for changes, why not first ask yourself if you are ready to accept them?

Most online campaigns are generally moving in the same direction, which means that the same pie is being divided more and more each day. Once an idea works, everyone will jump on the bandwagon and is satisfied with eating the remains of the pie. As such, search engines are constantly fine-tuning their algorithms (e.g. Panda and Penguin) in a bid to eradicate this behaviour. 

Are you ready to take some risks and be creative with your marketing campaigns?
Are you satisfied with eating the remains of a pie?