How to Build Links Naturally to your Website?

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How to Build Links Naturally to your Website?

It used to be much simpler to get a good ranking in the search engines. You could hire a mediocre company that would submit your website to hundreds of places, and before you know it, you’ve ranked highly for many keywords.

Nowadays, things aren’t so easy. Google and other search engines are becoming better and better at determining which links are natural and which are generated artificially. This means submitting your website to hundreds of directories or hiring a mediocre writer to submit articles to EzineArticles isn’t going to cut it anymore. Search engines see right through that stuff. Doing these things is mostly a waste of time.

It’s worth noting that building links can be done artificially with good results. You just need to practice good techniques that still work in the modern-day. In order for building links to be worthwhile though, you need to hire experts. Here at SEO for less, we practice these techniques and use them to greatly increase your website’s ranking in the search engines.

So, if artificial links aren’t as good as they used to be, what’s the alternative? Building natural links. Here’s how to do it:

1. Write Great Content

Providing great content is and always will be the best way to get quality links and rank well in the search engines. When your website has great, valuable content that helps people, many websites will link to your content. Search engines love it when your website has great content.

2. Hold Contests

When you hold contests, you will receive many natural links from websites and people’s social media pages. Holding contests can be cheap or even free. Try giving out fairly valuable items or offering your product for free to winners.

3. Provide Great Resources

Content is great, but you can also provide other great resources. Resources including flowcharts, videos, links directories, and more are often linked to very often. Create multiple pages that have great resources and watch as you receive links from a wide variety of sources.

When you follow all of these techniques and have some traffic already, you will receive an abundance of natural links. However, when you are just starting out, no matter how good the content, no one will see your website and link to it.

This is where artificial SEO is most valuable. Building links artificially is a perfect nudge that will give your website some traffic from search engines. As this traffic builds, you will start to build more natural links. It’s almost like a domino effect - an exponentially increasing number of links.

Here at Lowcostseo, we provide this artificial link building service. Contact us now and let us create your custom link building campaign today!