How to Get High Quality Backlinks through Content Organization

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How to Get High Quality Backlinks through Content Organization

The success of any website is measured in terms of the amount of traffic that flows towards that website. There are many techniques of driving traffic to your site. One of those techniques is the use of backlinks towards your website. A backlink refers to a link from another website that is directed to your site. A steady flow of traffic to any website can be improved by increasing the number of backlinks that the website has. In the recent past, the amount of useful traffic was thought to be proportional to the number of backlinks you get. However, this kind of mentality is gone and, currently, search engines are emphasizing on the quality over the quantity of backlinks you have.

In a nutshell, a quality backlink is determined by the type of site from which the link originates. This link should be coming from a website whose content is of relevance to your website. For instance, the content should be related to the content of your website. High quality backlinks will enhance your SEO and improve your site’s ranking on search engines, which has been proven to be true. One way of getting quality backlinks that will help your site is via content organization.

The kind of backlinks you get on your site doesn’t depend on the quality of content you have but depends on how the content is organized on the website. You might have gathered all the content necessary for your site and still get very few or low quality backlinks. It is important you know the audience’s requirements and, in turn, organize your content relative to those requirements. This improves your site’s performance on search results.

In your content organization, begin by identifying your audience and analyzing the content that you already have in store. This helps you know whether the content is relevant to your target audience or not. Your content should be valuable to the target audience by ensuring that the useful resources can be easily retrieved by users without hassles. Analyze your webpages to also determine whether they meet the SEO standards as SEO improves the performance on search results.

After you have organized the content that you already have, the second issue is in creation of new content. Involve professionals in your content creation. For instance, you would require professional writers to write unique articles, researchers to collect data for backing up the articles, employ good web and graphics designers who will design appealing and professional-looking webpages etc.

Finally, you need to create a community page for users’ interaction. Users will present their questions and get answers instantly via the community page. The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page will also serve the purpose of providing quick question-answer combinations. This technique is capable of handling a wide range of questions and problems that people face in your industry. Your site will therefore get the interest from search engines as well as interest from users. Shortly, you will be able to realize the power of content organization.

Search Engines have begun to emphasize on the quality of user experience, which means that organizing your content (site mapping) for your visitors will give you an advantage.

There are two kinds of search engine optimization techniques, off-page and on-page. The off-pageversion of SEO mainly deals with the backlinks and the different social signals.All of this is very important for getting the right ranking on the major search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing. The trick to success here is getting high quality backlinks from different websites which are trusted by Google.

As such, there happens to be some strict rules which you must follow while creating the backlinks for your website.Additionally, there are some things that you must definitely avoid at all costs:

  • You should not go for site-wide links, especially in the case of WordPress plugins and themes.
  • You must always remember not to buy links, especially from sites like Fiver as they may end up harming your website in the long run.
  • You should not depend on private link networks as it may get you penalized.
  • Do not go for Blog Roll links as they are quite harmful.
  • Don’t depend on directory links either, as they are not effective.


Tips on Building Good Quality Links For Your Site

  • Building broken links: If you follow this method, you can create quick back links from good websites. This method is easy; you just need to find broken links of websites that are in the same industry as you. Then you need to mail the owners with the link details and ask the owners to upload your link on the site.
  • You can comment on the posts as a guest and start relevant threads of conversation with it. You can submit the blogs to the top social media sites.
  • There are many blogging communities that can help you make your links and website popular. You can post your blogs there and get good results almost immediately.
  • You should select the top and best directories for posting your blogs and related links. You can review the blogs on the review forum of the blogs and check for the errors and additions.
  • You must definitely write very good quality content if you want to get good backlinks to your site.
  • You can try trading your blogs with the other writers in the same niche. This will give your blog a bigger audience and you will be able to connect with a larger crowd of readers.
  • You can also try starting a blogging content or sponsoring it. This process can help you earn a number of back links for your web site.
  • Choose the topics of your blogs carefully. If you choose to write about some obscure topics, it will not have many takers. But, if you choose some contemporary topics and write about popular celebrities, you will automatically have a lot of readers.
  • Manuals are long guidelines tend to get a lot of back links; you can try it for yourself and earn a number of good backlinks. Niche oriented tutorials will give even better results in this matter.
  • You can offer free downloads too and earn more links for your site.

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