How to increase Link popularity of a site

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How to increase Link popularity of a site

Website reputation is also known sometimes as Link popularity. This is very crucial for a website as it has great importance to the whole SEO process. The term Link Popularity means to make a link or website somewhat important to search engines. Search engines give more importance to a website when it gets backlinks from a higher ranked site. Today I am going to show you ways in which you can increase link popularity of your website but first am going to run with you why one needs to do so;

- The Search engines show popular links in search results first.

- To enhance the website's reputation, you must increase link popularity.

- Your website will increase its value more than the other website.

- Link popularity increases the page rank on Google.

- It leads to the increment of traffic flow to your website.

There are quite a few factors on which link popularity depends on. Its this very combination of all these factors that make a link popular to search engines. As a webmaster, you must follow some techniques in order to make your site's link popular on search engines. Here are the techniques:

- Place your site's keywords in the incoming link 

- Place your site's link as reciprocal link to similar sites

- Make sure that you do not keep a reciprocal link of another site in your homepage

- Always try to link to a higher page ranked site then your own. 

- Try to increase the internal links with the use of anchor text. Make sure the primary keywords are used in the anchor text.

- Use no-follow robot tag for unsecured links.

-Avoid keeping more then 29 links in each page

- Use the no follow tag in the site's comment section which will protect spam links and enhance the website's reputation

- Once again create a higher page ranked do-follow links for your site. Quantity is not a factor, always focus on quality.

- Finally, do submit your site's link to RSS Directory, Social bookmarking sites, Social media site, Article sharing site, Image sharing site, Blog sharing site etc.

Here is a simple image from Searchengineland outlining the components of Link popularity and the relation they have with content generation.

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