How to increase your website traffic by using Google+

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How to increase your website traffic by using Google+

How to Increase Your Website Traffic by Using Google+

Google+ is quickly growing and is the number one competitor to Facebook and Twitter. Many users are using Google+, so it would be foolish to ignore the potential traffic that the social network can generate. In fact, some websites report that while Facebook traffic is decreasing Google+ traffic is rising.

Generating significant traffic from Google+ isn’t hard. You just need to follow a few techniques. Here are 5 ways to increase your website traffic by using Google+:

1. Use Quality Titles

Google+, unlike other social media networks, allows you to post headlines on your posts. Therefore, it’s vital that you have a great title for your article and that you use it as your headline.

Since there are thousands of Google+ posts, you need a great title to stand out and receive tons of clicks.

2. Format Your Post Correctly

Many people don’t format their posts in Google+ well. Therefore, a well formatted post will stand out. Utilize HTML codes to give your post structure.

3. Add Hashtags

Google+ automatically adds hashtags to your posts, but in order to optimize your post and get more traffic you should add your own hashtags. Simply add hashtags that are related to your article. This tip seems minor, but it can greatly improve the amount of people who view your post.

4. Add images

Your images are the most important part of your Google+ post. Nearly every single popular post on Google+ has at least one quality image.

Add a quality image that relates to your post and watch as your traffic from Google+ greatly increases. Consider adding 2 to 3 images to each post for maximum effect.

Some webmasters even purchase cheap, premium images from websites like Veer. You only need to spent a few dollars and the quality image will increase your traffic.

5. Get Followers

The more people who follow you on Google+, the more traffic you will receive. In order to increase the amount of followers your account has, promote it extensively on your website. Also, become active in the Google+ network. When you are active, people that aren’t affiliated with your website will follow your account and visit your website for the first time. Getting followers takes time and effort but the end results are well worth it.

When you combine all of these techniques the amount of traffic you receive by using Google+ will greatly increase. Over time, the amount of visitors you receive will grow larger as Google+ continues to expand. It’s definitely worthwhile to include is as part of your traffic-building strategy for your website.