How To Use Remarketing

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How To Use Remarketing

Remarketing is a term used in PPC and SEM, not SEO, so it’s not something many people understand. That said, it’s something that many businesses can benefit from, as it helps to improve conversion rates and ensure more people click through and visit your website.

So, how can you turn remarketing to your advantage? Let’s explore the possibilities...

What Is Remarketing?

If marketing is the idea of increasing exposure to new people – like SEO, for example – then remarketing tries to convert people who have already been exposed to your brand.

In other words, remarketing is a way of exclusively advertising to people who have previously visited your website. Google AdWords, Facebook ads and other paid content often allow you to have separate campaigns or adverts for people who have previously been to your site. Some automatically track these users, while others require you to collect and store this data.

Yet the main point is simple – people who have already visited are arguably more likely to go again. Remarketing represents users that clicked through but did not convert – in which case, you can have a second chance to persuade them – or returning customers that still want to search for options.

Stay Persistent

Remarketing is not about instantly convincing people to convert. It’s about reminding people that you still exist and building on any existing familiarity or positive experiences that you may have gained.

Put it this way: your remarketing list represents people who previously engaged with your website. For better or worse, this means they found some reason to click through and visit. This means that they have an interest that overlaps with your website’s service or product.

In other words, your website holds some interest to them. Where as pure SEO will often involve directing your brand towards people who may not have any interest whatsoever, remarketing involves targeting those that are guaranteed to at least have some relevant overlapping area of interest.

Learn From Your Mistakes

One key opportunity that remarketing has is that you can learn from your mistakes. If your able to successfully analyse your previous content – whether its articles, videos or social media – and determine what mistakes you made, having exclusive, promotional content for previous visitors represents a form of redemption.

You can, for instance, create content that addresses common concerns, or even the pitfalls of previous campaigns. Clever marketing and some creative content will be key here, as you’re addressing people who have already seen your original efforts.

Be More Tempting

Finally, when all else fails – offer deals and promotions that remarketing users can’t find anywhere else. For example, if someone came to your e-commerce store but didn’t make a purchase (even if they put items in the basket), target them with paid ads regarding a promotion or discount. You know this user has some appreciation for your products, so use small incentives to give them the final push and finally commit.