Link Building Strategy

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Link Building Strategy

We all think and worry about Google's updates every year on year and constantly strive to get around it so that it does not affect or have a greater impact on our websites. Now asking yourself this, is there a way to create a strategy in Link building so that you are not worried about the updates to affect your site ever again? 

See the Search engines have got really smart over the years with noticeable advancements in Panda and Penguin technologies that enabled algorithmic segmentation of good vs bad content and also linking sources too.

The Strategy

The strategy stated in the ebook "The enterprise marketer's future-proof link building strategy: It says that SEO in a Post- penguin 2.0 World is well and truly future-proof because it talks about and aligns with the "why" behind search engine technology. Olden strategies are focused on the "what" factor, as in "What" in SEO changes faster then any other industry. By understanding the very reason on why search engines exist will allow your company or website to fix the puzzle on What of search technology and then position for long term success. 

The main objective of Search engines is to deliver the most appropriate and relevant content that solves the problems for the users. Creating content that helps in solving the users problems is just half way through the process. The users out there are not just going to locate the great content you create easily. One requires a strong media strategy to get your great content in front of a large targeted audience. You can also display or advertise your content on relevant websites to enable the fast discovery by the search engines.  When such a process is carried out effectively, it can aid in building many links. At the highest level, this strategy consists of creating and the promotion of great content. The process (tactically) are broken up into four sections: Research, Promotion, Creative and Conversion.

Firstly : RESEARCH

All SEO campaigns require a complete understanding of customer's requirements. An efficient and effective research process has to be in place to gather the knowledge required to develop unique content that will in turn educate and keep the attention of the audience. Blogs, social media marketing sites like Facebook, twitter, online media outlets will need to find genuine value in them.

How to research online: - Use tools like Google Adwords Keyword Tool, Google Analytics, Experian Hitwise to collect information who your audience are and where they hang out.

Content Generation: Now use the information to create ideas for your content that will educate and inform your audience.

Secondly: CREATIVE

This process sets the main stage of success or failure of the link building process. The content of a website is the main holding point and most valuable too, if content is not informative or engaging then many media companies or personnel will not even share it. We advise in creating content that is simply brilliant and totally stands out from the rest of the crowd. Some tips about content designing and development : you should control the costs of your campaign, try to get the main guys within your industry involved in your campaign and finally make sure you always use professional copywriting services and design for your campaigns. 


As we said Content is King, then Promotion is the Prince. A link building strategy should always be focused on return of ones investment. Best way to jump up quickly or propel is to create uniquely written content that will give you visibility  and place your articles infront of others. How to build a top quality article? - Well firstly make sure to include the best bits or highlights from your content, try to cut down the sales element in it and finally try to reach and network with the most relevant and important websites in your particular industry. 


There are a few short term returns provided by the link building strategy that should not be overlooked. Conversion as we know is the main goal for many webmasters, conversion goals such as leads, referral traffic are all achieved in the short space of time however the more difficult goals such as traffic goals take time to be met on the long run. Traffic goals are directly linked to the keywords goals as both need to function to get traffic. The most immediate goal is to convert users.

See above a great infographic by 6SMarketing outlining the evolution of link building. It shows how link building has evolved from the early days of link building till today.