Making Your Online Advertisements More Clickable

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Making Your Online Advertisements More Clickable

The Pay Per Click advertising format is quite popular nowadays but it can be quite frustrating too. The cost of the campaign is quite expensive as compared to the profits. So, it seems to be quite an expensive process which causes a real problem in the success of the business.

PPC is basically placement of ads in certain sites so that the customers click on it and are redirected to the site. The number of times the ad is clicked, the seller has to pay a certain charge to Google. Since the return is expected to be high, the rate paid to Google is considered an investment. Unfortunately it is not always as lucrative as it is expected to be.
The main reason behind this high cost is that the ads that you post barely show on the domains. In order to make it work, you need to get your blogs aligned with the ad networks. Optimization of you account is very important for increase in the rate of conversion. You must also streamline the customers, as not everyone will have requirement of your products.
There are also certain writing tricks that you can follow if you want to write good PPC ads:

·Catchy Headlines: Every text needs to have a headline that is indicative of the content. If the headline is not eye grabbing, the customers will not make the effort to read the blog or text. You need to come up with some attractive headlines that will showcase the best that your company has to offer.

·Include The Feature, Benefits and CTA:  If you want your advertisement to be effective, you need to include the features of the product in it, explain the benefits of the products that are being advertised and then obviously have the CTA or the call to action plugin. The CTA is very essential and if properly used, it will encourage a stronger conversion rate than any other processes.

·Use The Display URLs Properly: The display URL comes with a bit of extra space in the pay per click ads. You can use a strong call to action in that space and get good results. You can also include a certain search term relevant to the PPC in the space and increase its relevancy in the search engine.

·Include Emotion In Your Texts: It is very important to add emotion in your content, if you want it to reach and impact a wider set of audience. There are certain words that are proven to trigger the emotional response in the customers. Research them and include them in your text.

·Be Specific: Do not beat about the bush when writing an ad for PPC. Be as direct and specific as you possibly can with these ads. This will streamline your ad and it will reach the potential audience better.

·Be Careful About The Domain: The ads should be featured on a reliable and genuine domain. If you place you ads on a spam web site, customers will treat your ad in the same way and not click on your ads.