Mistakes You Need To Avoid While Enhancing Your SEO Ranking

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Mistakes You Need To Avoid While Enhancing Your SEO Ranking

Are you striving to improve the ranking of your website on Google? You might actually be having some faults with the techniques of SEO, which in turn is lowering the ranking of your website.

It can be difficult of keep a track of the different factors that affects the ranking of your website.  It is better to keep things simple and proceed with the basics. The factors that might cause Google to lower the ranking have been mentioned below.

Less Focus on Content: The content is the king of the website. The content should be relevant and engaging. The reader should not feel bored while reading it. With the advancement in technology there has been a reduction in the patience level of viewers. If do not get the required information in time, it may so happen that that they will not return to the page again.

Excessive Use of Keywords: In earlier times, the optimization of content meant including several keywords. It was believed that having too many keywords will help the website to climb up the ranking list. However, there has been a change in this concept. Including excessive keyword in content can push you down the ranking list rather than making you climb up higher.

Not Writing for the Reader: Consider the type of readers that will be visiting your web page. Misinterpreting their want from the website may result in a lower ranking in the search engines. Find out the information they are searching for. It is your responsibility to cater to their needs.

Content Plagiarism: Copy pasting the content of another website is known as plagiarism and it is illegal. When the content of your website is plagiarized, it will lower the ranking. Your site may even be de-indexed which means it will be difficult to locate it in the search engines.

Duplicate Content: Having duplicate content means same content in different pages of your website. The content should be original and creative every time. The creativity of the content will create interest in the readers. This, in turn, will help you to rise up the ranking list.

Ignore the Title Tag: The title tag describes the contents of your website to the search engines as well as the readers. The title tags are displayed on the search page so it is important to stimulate those clicks.

Complicated navigation: When the readers navigate through your website they should have a favorable experience. This is because both user and Google prefer websites that are logical and easy to browse through. Thus, there more chances of the website returning in the search result.

Not Optimized for Mobiles: Google favors websites that are optimized for technologies like tablets or smartphones. Hence, it is important to make the website viewable from all kinds of mobile devices. If your website is mobile ready, it will ensure more number of clicks.

No SEO for Images: Try and give descriptive file names to the image. Keeping a random image name will not explain what the image contains. This will not improve your ranking in Google.