Pay per Click v SEO Marketing - What to choose?

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Pay per Click v SEO Marketing - What to choose?

Pay per Click Marketing Vs SEO

Internet marketing strategies are considered as the leading means of focusing businesses. With plethora of techniques applied by marketing professionals certain methods are found to unbeatable and unmatched and some are pains taking as they just eat your pockets. When it comes to marketing effects, increased web traffic keeps the popularity going. Hence, professional marketing services offer Pay per Click, SEO and Social Media as powerful marketing resources with which they try to bring identity to the business. Among these prominent sources, Pay per click and SEO offer fast approach for advertising as well as marketing requisites though not both of them are suitable for a standardized business. The need to increase web traffic and subsequent internet identity with the help of PPC and Search Engine Optimization Techniques has different repercussions over various aspects that are discussed below, 

  1. Profit Analysis for advertiser and website owner- Pay per Click is the marketing tool in which the advertiser can enhance traffic in his business website link by paying for advertising his commercials in other websites. Wherein, the advertisements will get displayed in web pages that match the keywords’ criteria. The advertiser has to pay the website owners for every click his online ad link receives. This method is done effectively and reliably with the help of Google Adwords and other top search engines. The advertisements are displayed as sponsored links and every visitor who enters the business website entering clicking the business advertisement link actually follows the link based on the presence of right keyword used in the add. PPC marketing is considered a competitive resource though it’s an expensive approach. The client needs to pay for the keyword chosen on competitive basis and for the clicks his online advertisement link receives. SEO on the other hand, might seem like a relatively complex methodology but in actual truth, it’s the best marketing medium if done correctly. PPC marketing is referred to as the spring in marketing whereas SEO is the marathon. In the long run, SEO is more cost effective then Pay per Click.


  1. Traffic Targets- The concept of traffic targets takes little time with this technique of PPC, however, it will make you feel worth about the money you spent. The best solution is to contemplate on the funds you can manage for marketing needs and choose one accordingly. Thus, SEO is relatively cost effective than PPC though the later one can fetch fast results fairly quickly in the short term. While comparing the competitive aspects of web traffic in the above two marketing trends, promotional features are higher in optimization yet results are not instant. PPC on the other hand, appears to be fastest yet you can see obtain the expected and targeted traffic. However, the end results are observed to be higher in Search Engine Optimization. If funds are of no limitation to you then we suggest to begin with PPC marketing while also maintaining an investment into your SEO campaign. For instant traffic nothing comes close to PPC marketing but for cost effective long term traffic SEO is the best.


  1. User Interaction- When it comes to keyword concept, Pay per Click commercialization method offers interactive options to advertise such as banners. The ads that are advertised through this technique are placed close to organic ads yet, linked to the concerned web page through the presence of identical keywords. Hence, the client is going to pay for the number of keywords as well. This technique allows the product to get more chances for greater web exposure and aids in building a brand identity quickly; however, SEO methods will take time to provide similar kind of results. SEO has a lack of interaction with the target market unless of course you are blogging about the products and services on a daily basis. In SEO it takes time to get indexed on the search engines therefore the information that you want to pass to your target market through the website will take time too; However Pay per click reduces the interaction delay and gets the message across very quickly but at a hefty price too.

All in all, Lowcostseo believes both these marketing mediums are unique in their own way in helping build brands, growing businesses, increasing revenue and the most important of all driving profits higher. It’s up to you as a business owner to decide what method you want to approach and what strategy you have in mind. Our advice will be to invest in both PPC and SEO and control your budget spend between these two fantastic marketing mediums.