Pinterest's Guided Search and Its Effects on Marketing

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Pinterest's Guided Search and Its Effects on Marketing

Marketing methods have revolutionized in recent years.  They have changed from the more traditional ways of marketing, to the use of technology, to reach out to clients, conveniently and within a short period of time. All of these efforts are aimed at building traffic and driving sales for different products. Pinterest in particular, has adopted this as a way of increasing the accessibility of specific user questions. Its new guided search is powered by questions generated by the users and is designed to assist the users by using a predictive search engine format.

There are concerns regarding the overall effectiveness of this new innovation and how it is going to affect Pinterest's marketing campaign. A direct effect of this innovation in marketing is the increase in daily traffic. With an increase in people using Google to search for solutions to their problems, It’s strategic innovation will ensure that more people will be visiting their site for the choices generated by the search engines. This will directly translate to an increase in their daily traffic. This will boost it's marketing campaign by making it a website of choice for users carrying out research on various topics.

The marketing efforts of the various users on the other hand, will receive a major boost. With over 75% of Pinterest usage based on mobile platforms, the Guided Search is therefore accessible because it can be used across various mobile operating systems. The development of a desktop version of the software is also set to increase the usage of Pinterest for various marketing campaigns.

The guided search also comes with the ability to edit search terms by either adding or removing words.  This gives the users the possibility of modifying their search terms without necessarily beginning afresh. This gives it a competitive edge over its competitors, making it the preferred choice

The other unique approach used by Pinterest, is the modification of the initial search results which ensures users find customized categories beyond the initial search criteria. The related pin feature has undergone considerable improvement. All of these combined activities have resulted in the majority of the pins being associated with the searches because of their quality. The outcome of this is an increase in the use of Pinterest.

The final effect of the guided search on the marketing efforts is the increased accuracy while typing the search terms, reducing the opportunity for discovery of new items by chance. Since the Guided Search uses a predictive format approach, the users' anticipated words are suggested, hence the users are only required to pick the ideal terms they are searching for. This on the other hand increases the time spent undertaking the search and reduces the time spent on the actual search campaign

It is imperative to incorporate Pinterest into your marketing campaigns with the introduction of the Guided Search, which has the potential to change the landscape of searching for information. By understanding how search results are generated, it can give you an advantage to position your marketing efforts more effectively.