Questions to Ask Before Building Your Website

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Questions to Ask Before Building Your Website

Questions to Ask Before Building Your Website

The decision to build a new website for your business or idea is an important one, as it marks the first step towards one’s focus on the online audience. However, it is equally important to ask the right kind of questions before you entrust someone with your website. There are hundreds of developers and SEO consultants out there, with varying degrees of professionalism and experience. They may purely be trying to make money from your ignorance.

The website owner should ask questions that ensure the consultants take their job seriously and give you the best website they can build.

1.      First and foremost, one should ask about the technology the developer is going to use to build the website. Is it dynamic or static? If it is static, one should ask the developer to make the website dynamic. A dynamic website, like the name suggests, is built for dynamically changing requirements that can be implemented quickly without any difficulty. A static website cannot be changed as quickly or without spending a significant amount of money.

2.      The next question one should ask is whether the website will be having a Content Management System (CMS).  A CMS is a system that enables the website owner to log in and manage the content and some basic website editions themselves. It is critical for the website to have a CMS. The content of any website tends to change with time. New pages are added and old pages often need editing or deleting. One cannot keep returning to the developer every time the content needs updating.  So, to save time and money, it is important to spend a little extra at the outset and go for a website with a CMS.

3.      It is also important to ask if the developer is going to make provisions for SEO to maximise the visibility of your website. SEO has become extremely important for websites. Without SEO, websites cannot receive sufficient traffic. There are some things that need to be put in place during the design phase of a website to be SEO-ready. Hence, it is important for the website owner to insist on a website that is ready for SEO-based changes, if and when they happen.

4.      The owner should ensure that the website will load quickly, as slow loading websites do not just decrease the volume of traffic, but they also harm the rankings of the website. One should ask if the developer is using flash to create rich graphics on the website. If the answer is ‘yes’, one should ask him/her to replace flash with HTML5, as flash increases the page’s load time and is not SEO friendly.

5.      Finally, one should ask the developer for the contact details of the website hosting company and the domain registrar company. This seemingly basic step is often missed by many website owners and after a few years, when the company loses touch with the developer and changes to the website need to be made, it struggles to do so, because it doesn’t know the website hosting provider.

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