SEO and Meta Keywords

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SEO and Meta Keywords

Previously we talked about Link popularity of a site, today we will discuss about how to optimize Meta description of blog, website or a post. After you have optimized the Meta description then you need to optimize the Meta keywords on your website. After Google's latest updates, they give less importance to meta keywords, however many other search engines still collect data from meta keywords. They are used as the primary keywords of your blog or site. Today we will guide you through and share with you some valuable information about your website and blog.

The Meta keywords contain a SEO score of only 1 out of a total 100. This score indicates that this tag is not as important as other tags, however you must still optimize the Meta keywords. The Meta keywords contain the primary keywords of a blog or website.

Now let’s see how to use Meta Keywords in a blog. Follow the steps below as guide to how to easily place Meta Keywords in your blog.

1. Firstly go to the “Template” >> Backup / Restore your template.

2. Then click Edit HTML. After adding your Meta description proceed by also placing your Meta keywords.

Now we must use the following steps below in choosing the Keywords:

1. Avoid using more than 250 characters for Meta keywords. Use minimum two words if possible.

2. Make sure to place all primary keywords first then followed by the secondary keywords if necessary.

3. Avoid repetition of the same keyword.

4. Be sure to use both words and phrases when creating Meta Keywords.

5. Use comma (,) to separate each keyword.

6. Always use lower case to write keywords.

7. Make sure the keywords density is between 3% to 10%

8. Have a mixture of low competitive and high traffic keywords. If your site or blog is new then opt to use low competitive keywords first and later on add the middle to high competitive keywords too.

Ergoagency has outlined in this image below what exactly the Meta Keyword is and where is it placed on the website.

Search Engine optimization is a process that ensures that your web site ranks on the first page of major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. If the visibility of the website increases the page traffic will also go up resulting in greater conversion rates and profits.

SEO is a very useful online marketing tool and new businesses should pay special attention to it if they want to increase their brand visibility.

The Keywords

If the keyword is used correctly, it can chalk out the strategy for creating the web site and including the content in it. These words are usually broken up because it is easy to rank the words on the search engines if it is broad. This is because there is less competition for broad phrases and they can be unique.

SEO basically seeks to optimize the traffic and induce conversion of the potential customers. Many times even the most SEO services UK tend to focus on the increase of traffic ignoring the chances of conversion. If the site is an ecommerce site the conversion rate is most important as it is directly correlated to the revenue and profits.

Here the value of proper keywords is irrefutable. They can be based on the volume of the search monthly in relation to the competition and the total level of conversion from those words.

In order to get it done, you need to shift your focus to the Ad groups and keywords. After entering the seed keywords in the search engine you must check for the review estimates. The authority of the search engines that are in charge of ranking the keywords is also important. This will help you get an idea of the competitiveness of the organic SEO techniques.

The Keyword Density

Another important thing is deciding the keyword density. You cannot stuff your web site with the keywords in a way that it may sound nonsense.  You should also take care of the placements of these words. There are certain tricks to place them correctly and get the maximum hits from the visitors. You can put them of the headings and in subtopics to get suitable results. The Meta tags should also contain the keywords and there are not length to which they can be created.

The URLs
Placing the keywords in the URLs are also are good way of increasing your page traffic and getting the maximum conversion rate.

There is no doubt that keywords are very important in the whole process and there are expert consultants who can give choose suitable keywords for you and optimize the web site effectively with it.