SEO Basics - A simple yet perfect SEO guide

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SEO Basics - A simple yet perfect SEO guide

Oftentimes, the internet goes on a frenzy about trending topics that gets to climb the ladder up to the very first page of a search. One common misconception is the belief that only the pioneer trends go there. Truth is, not anymore. Search engine sites are now greatly considering high quality Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods when choosing a link to hold a spot on the top.

What probably lead you here is the question, “Why is SEO so important and how can I use it?” Well, you’re in luck because this article will cover every initial information that a person will need to familiarize before diving in to website campaigning.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization – Generating strategies that will continuously increase the amount of traffic for a certain website.

SEO vs. PPC and Social Media Marketing

These three services are actually profitable when done right. The thing that makes SEO more important, is the fact that about a billion people worldwide depends on search engines to lead them to a local service.

SEO covers a lot of advantages as it focuses on website strengthening rather than senseless advertising. For SEO, you can benefit from it by sharpening your strategies with the following:

·         Mobile Compatibility. Currently, Google is the leading search engine site there is. The company focuses on mobile compatibility for SEO to allow customers find what they are looking for in any device. There’s a huge chance that a site will be penalized if it doesn’t meet Google’s mobile access standards. Make sure that your site is mobile-friendly.

·         Analytics. Generate a list of prospective audiences. We should analyze the data of website visitors and pinpoint population demographics. By including the nature of the website and its local target, an accurate report of analytics will be useful for SEO.

·         Keywords. Use words that define a content thoroughly as it will be used by search engine algorithms in identifying the site.

·         Contents. Create unique, productive and strong articles or blogs – including on-page elements and link building – for a site as it can increase the number of website traffic.

·         Reputation. When a site continuously propels effective SEO methods, its identification in search engines will sharpen and it will improve its visibility.

There are many stories about how SEO triggered success in most websites but only a few of them would claim that it is because they are professional content writers. SEO doesn’t rely on writing a content alone, it will always include, graphic and web design, web development, keywords, making use of PPC and Social media advertising and content writing. Let’s start with what is already there and add a few touch-ups later.

Graphic and Web Design

We’ve lived long hearing about the quote “Don’t judge the book by its cover.” Unfortunately, the internet population does. Which is why creating an engaging site would require something that’s pleasing to the eyes. A creator can either work alone or invest in web design sites that does the job.

The initial design will cover the overall appearance of a page including the colors, formatting, headers, footers, text, aligning, etc. Aim for the following: Professional, simple, unique, and reliable. Always consider the nature of your site before providing the final design.

Information must be easily found. It can be placed over the title page for quick visibility, under the last page or another one with the label “contact us/how to reach us/contact”.

Slow site loading will result to less viewers. Boost a site’s loading time by managing and enabling compressions, plug-ins and redirects.

High-end branding elements and graphics can uplift a site’s recognition over its customers. Plus, educated coding, with the use of up-to-date technology, can ensure the support elements of a site to remain strong.

Web Development

Implement a routine of task that continuously builds the foundation of a website. Work with a programmer that codes for the site’s changing functionality, as web development mainly focuses on the other side of web design. Using effective coding strategies will make it easier to build a W3C validated website.


In SEO, keywords are crucial. So as the tags, Meta data, titles and such. They are usually what search engines use when it comes to their algorithm’s process. If the words used are fit with your site’s intent, it will be easier to find.

Familiarize yourself with what your target audience would use to find the services you offer. It is like using hashtags except this is more complicated. Keywords have to be competitive in order to gain a reputation. You can study and compare what the best sites come up with, when you search for them and allow yourself to generate and idea that will make you go up.

Making Use of PPC and Social Media Advertising

Although we are focusing on SEO alone, we cannot remove its connection with Pay-per-click and Social Media advertising. It’s like getting rid of the peel of an apple when it fact it can still be eaten or used. If SEO can build the foundation of a site and improve its visibility, PPC and social media marketing will indulge in other frames of advertising while garnering rewards per view.

Content Writing

Creating the best web content isn’t easy nor is it too hard. But it needs difference if it wants to make a statement. For example, one person creates a business blog about soaps with the same ingredients as other brands. How do we write it? Spot the difference. Most sites by then would note about how many products they have sold or why their products are the best. If that’s the case, take a good look at another angle, we are saying the same thing but we don’t speak the same.

Create great article openings, use relatable multimedia files, redirect to trusted links outside your site, and write understandable content like it is meant for grade-schoolers.

The goal is to start using SEO properly and to move away from unhealthy practices. If you’re starting to get a good hang of what SEO can offer and on how you can use it for your online success, start by making an outline from what is said above and don’t be afraid to combine your unique ideas.