Social Media Marketing - Marketing Technique For The Modern Era

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Social Media Marketing - Marketing Technique For The Modern Era

The face of marketing has gone through a transition stage within a very short span of time. Traditional form of marketing, i.e. television advertisements, radio advertisements, newspaper advertisements have lost their charm. Earlier, traditional marketing techniques were the ace for entrepreneurs to attain marketing success. But, today these entrepreneurs depend more on social media marketing. This new generation marketing technique is considered to be the lucky-charm for gaining marketing success. Social media sites like, Facebook, pin it, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+ are the dependable platforms for social media marketing.

These platforms may look very attractive but, many are still ignorant about the benefit of these advanced technologies for which they are yet unable to capitalize. Are you a newcomer to social media marketing platform? And, also struggling to capitalize on it? Are you looking for assistance to build your foundation in the social world?

For your business to make full utilization of social media marketing it is important that you use these platforms personally. There are many who are more advanced than you are, as you are not entirely familiar with the benefits that each of these social media platforms has to offer.

As the saying goes, ‘it is better late than never!’ so, stop worrying and check out the things you should do, when it is about social media marketing.

Here is a list of platforms that will help you with social marketing.


First choice for an effective social media platform should be Facebook. This is one of the most preferable site for social media marketing. Over here you will be able to target customers from any age group and from any part of the world. To build your brand name internationally, this is the ultimate social platform to be used. Facebook has billions of users registered from the time of its launch. The majority of the users prefers checking out brands on Facebook.

Over a couple of billion people connect on Facebook each day. You will certainly be able to draw the attention of your viewers, though alluring videos, breathtaking contents, pictures and many more innovative ideas.


One of the effective ways of marketing your brand name and logo is via Twitter. This is the most apt site, you can choose for brand hammering. Micro blogging is its USP. For an effective brand hammering it is important that you use short but impactful messages. On Twitter you privileged to write up to 140 characters. Statistics suggest that the chances are more than double that people will view your brand more on Twitter than Facebook.


This is a business oriented site. Entrepreneurs who are looking to widen their source and also want ideas for their business this is the best place for you. There are over millions of business pages that are available on Linkedin. Hence, you will certainly find pages related to your business.


One of the best ways to bring your business and customers together is through product pictures. Instagram is one such social marketing site where you can come in direct contact with your customers by simply posting your product pictures.

Social marketing sites are one of the most effective ways of presenting your business to your customers. One of the most impressive attribute about social media marketing is that the response time of your customers is equivalent to the speed of lightening.

Social Media Optimization or SMO is a perfect amalgamation of social media with search engine optimization.  It basically involves using various portals of social media like Facebook, YouTube, Squidoo, Twitter, Google Plus, Tumblr, LinkedIn, etc. to generate publicity and create brand recognition. The methods used for SMO are adding RSS feeds, sharing options, blogging, commenting on blogs, group discussion, status updates, etc.

Together, all social media networks claim a whopping 1 billion users all over the world and hence have a huge reach. It is an ideal ground for advertising and promoting the businesses. The SMO experts use social media activities to increase the page traffic to a particular web site. It works in the similar way as SEO to improve the ranking of web site on major search engines.

The difference between SEO and SMO is that while SEO uses certain keywords for the optimization process, SMO uses videos, photos and content. The combination of SEO and SMO is very effectively in increasing the visibility and generating more sales.

Tips for successful SMO

  • Useful and interesting content: People will get attracted to the content if it is interesting and relevant. Make sure that the content is engaging enough for the people to read it and share it with their friends.
  • Tag the content: Tagging your content or images will make it more visible. When people search the internet with the particular tag, your content will come up in the search.
  • ·Make the access easier: Your content should be easily accessible for it to be more visible to the readers. For example, in Facebook if you share content and set the privacy setting to only friends or customer, the
  • viewership will be limited. If you want maximum visibility for it, you should set the privacy settings to public.
  • Use permalinks: If you write blogs use permalinks for it as it picks up the keywords in the URLs and makes it more visible.
  • Rewards:  It is good idea to share the content of the users who have shared your content. This will ensure a feeling of bonding with them and they will keep sharing your content and increase your visibility.
  • Know your target audience: this is very important as it will determine the effectiveness of your content. Understand what your target audience wants and develop your content so that it becomes attractive to them.
  • Keep yourself updated: nothing is constant in social media. Everyday new techniques and tools are being developed. You need to keep yourself updated on these of you want your web site to get maximum visibility.

Advantages of Social Media Optimization

  • It will make your website become visible to more people.
  • It will attract more potential clients and you will be able to make more profits.
  • It is more personalized and the customers will be able to connect to the products and the other people who have used it.
  • It has instant turnabout and your brand visibility will increase by leaps and bounds.
  • It is a reasonably inexpensive process.