The Biggest Changes in PPC: 2017

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The Biggest Changes in PPC: 2017

Google played a big role this year when it comes to innovating advertisements compared to many browsers. These browsers commence new strategies from time to time to enhance their search engines as well. Most websites indulge in those changes, keeping up with the trends, hoping to lead against others.

In the first six months of this year, search engines rapidly upgraded From minimal alterations to the biggest changes when it comes to search engine advertising such as pay-per-click.


Google AdWords

When the year started, Google implemented the use of Dynamic Search Ads with AdWords. Basically, they have these “best practices” on how to efficiently reach online visitors.  This automatic DSA system was practiced with the help of 2,000 accounts. Dynamic Search Ads also allows advertisers to take advantage of customized ads. When a search is closely related with your website’s subject, Google automatically generates an ad as an option.

Most website developers find the implementation of AdWords amusing as it helps them reduce the excessive use of detailed keyword lists.


Advertising and Audience

Aside from AdWords, Google has constructed the automated call extensions program where Google hauls the site’s local and international phone numbers. It may not be such a huge change but it enabled audiences to directly contact a company which leads us to their priorities: the online visitors and mobile compatibility.

These changes improved the connection between small websites (especially shopping websites) and wandering online guests. Before, multiple clicks are made before you land on a local shopping site that shows details and price but now, Bing and Google upgraded their shopping capacities.

Bing kept its pace by facilitating audience exclusions for retargeting online advertisements, after the company presented the merchant promotions for shopping sites. One thing it does is, it focuses on its previous visitors i.e online shoppers and permit them to see more of the website in the future with its announcements and other campaigns.



New projects such as the DSA is made possible through artificial intelligence. With it’s use, online browsing companies are on its way to create more ways of reaching out to advertisers. Since most of these changes have grown to be automated, sites such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing, are considering more variables to add to the picture.


What’s Coming Soon?

Currently, few creators are eligible of using another advertising feature called AdWords Next by Google. It will revamp the interface were currently familiar with. The biggest challenge for PPC advertising before, was the use of mobile phones since it didn’t really innovate the same advantages we had when using computers and laptops, until now. AdWords Next’s main feat is mobile usage and is expected to launch later this year.  


Browsing companies have been taking advantage of the growing online shopping industry. The year is not over and there would surely be more of these changes in no time. Keeping track with what’s useful and happening can help you advertise with ease. The competition between these search engines allows web developers to gain access on more advantages.