The Disadvantages of Automated SEO

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The Disadvantages of Automated SEO

Automation tools for Search Engine Optimization are often used by SEO professionals due to the ease involved in the optimization process. However, a majority of SEO experts consider that automated SEO is actually bad for the website and thereby bad for the business as well. Most experts will agree that manual SEO procedures should be implemented to improve the website rankings in the search engine results page. Manual procedures of SEO are recognized to be better and more effective at their work.

The Disadvantages

There can be some serious disadvantages to using automated tools for search engine optimization of a website.

  • Cannot Update Automatically

Automated tools for SEO can help you with its features to make changes to the content of the website or update it as necessary. However, these tools do not have any option which you can use to update the content automatically. Instead, automated SEO tools will only provide suggestions for the changes that you can make. You will have to change or update the content manually. Additionally, some automated SEO tools are available which can completely alter the content of the pages of your website.

  • Loss In Website Performance

You can use automated SEO tools to check how well your website is working. They can help you identify any problems with the optimization of the website. However, these automated tools can slow down the website and decrease its performance by a significant margin. This can be a big blow to your business especially if your website is visited by a lot of traffic continuously. This is one of the major reasons why you should avoid using automated tools for optimizing the working of your website.

  • Deterioration Of Link Quality

You should already be familiar with the importance of building quality links if you are conducting a SEO project for your website. Unfortunately, if you use automated tools to optimize your website and build links, then you will find that the quality of the links has deteriorated by a considerable margin. The links are one of the most important parts of your websites and you need to ensure that their quality is excellent. The SEO professional needs to give their own time and attention to ensure the quality of the links. Automated SEO tools are unable to identify quality links and therefore lower quality links will be used. The optimization process of your website will be greatly affected.

  • Banned By Google

Apart from the numerous drawbacks and disadvantages that automated SEO tools inherently possess, there is one other major problem with those tools. Google has completely banned the use of automated SEO tools to optimize the website. The process is considered to be unethical by Google. The search algorithms used by Google automatically penalizes any website that they find has been optimized by automated tools. Google can even prevent these websites being displayed on their search results pages.

It is always safer and better to use manual methods and techniques to optimize the website for the search engines. You can get a better ranking spot for your spot through manual SEO processes.