Tips to Improve SEO without Monthly Fees

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Tips to Improve SEO without Monthly Fees

Are you short of money for improving your SEO ranking? Do you want to know techniques that will cost you no money at all?

A prosperous strategy for SEO points towards including the keywords in the apt places of the site. You should have an access to the website through the content management system. This will help you change and optimize the site whenever necessary. Some instruction for on-site optimization has been provided below.

Enhance the title tags

The primary thing that comes into consideration for SEO is the title tags. The title tags are usually referred to as the meta tags. The first thing that gets noticed is the meta tag when someone is searching for a web page. The quality of the title tag can be improved by inserting proper keyword. The keyword should be chosen keeping in mind the type of keywords the viewers will type while searching for a product or services. Keep track on the length of the title because Google prefers up to sixty characters in it. Keep the important keywords at the beginning of the title tag.

Avoid keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing usually means including ample number of the same keyword in the content. It is generally a misconception that more the number of keywords the better is ranking in Google. In fact, unnecessary use of keywords can cause your site to get penalized by Google. The page should focus on one basic idea and the keyword. The keyword should be placed in the title, the heading and of course throughout the page.

Proper tags for heading

Headline tag tells the viewers about the topic that has been included in the page. Thus, the headlines tags should be such that it speaks clearly about the topic. There is a total of sic heading tags but the H1 and H2 are the most important ones. The H1 and H2 should be descriptive about the contents of the page.

Optimize Image Alt Text

You will be able profit a large number of viewers from search engines which are based on images. However, Google will be unable recognize the images unless you will add some image alt text. Image alt text is a text that helps the search engines determine what the image is all about.

Proper URL structure

URL is the primary factor that is considered by Google to understand what the page is all about and to determine how to rank it in the search engines. Hence, it is be descriptive as well as precise at the same time. URL structure follows the same principal as the title tag. Insert a keyword in the URL if possible.

Improve site speed

You may lose viewers if your site takes too much of time to load. If your bounce metric rate is high then Google will surely notice this and will push you down the ranking list. These factors are indirectly related to the ranking.

Device friendly

The SEO ranking can be improved by making the website viewable from different kinds of devices. Website which does not adhere to different mobile devices might be penalized by Google. It is also penalized when a viewers leaves the website without going to the second page and will influence the ranking of the website to a greater extent.