Ways of Securing Better Online Reviews

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Ways of Securing Better Online Reviews

Which business does not like getting five star reviews from the customers?  This is not only a boost to the customers’ confidence, but also a way to improve marketing and publicity for the business. Reviews are considered to be a very important indicator of the performance of a business. Many potential customers solely depend on the previous feedbacks to take their decisions. Reviews don’t have to be elaborate all the time. They can simply be in form of comments in the blogs.

The ecommerce industry sees the most number of reviews and the potential customers always look for these feedbacks before deciding to buy the particular product. Research shows that the customers look for the reviews before actually asking the opinion of their friends. This in itself is a proof of the huge importance of the feedbacks.

The challenge that ecommerce sites experience here is the customer’s unwillingness to leave a review. Only a few of the certified customers actually bother to do it and that too in extreme circumstances,i.e. if they totally love it or hate it. The others who are just satisfied with the product usually do not leave any reviews.

So, the businesses have to come up with strategies to get the reviews from the customers.Some of the best and effective tricks are:

  • Ask For It:  It is important to approach the subject delicately with the customers. First ask them if they are happy with the product they have bought. If they are satisfied, they will be more willing to leave a positive review.
    Before broaching the subject of review it is advisable to ask the customers if they had any problems with the order. If the customers complain of any problem assure them that it will be resolved and get it done. If the customers are happy with the product, most of them will not reply to your mails. Those who answer, you can ask them for a review.


  • Be Appreciative Of The Reviewers: It is true that people who leave reviews do not get anything it return. But, if you drop them a thank you mail or be appreciative of their venture, they will automatically leave a review without asking the next time. If the buyers feel that the reviews mean a lot to you, they will certainly take the time out and pen down their experience.


  • Never Offer Incentives: This is a grey area that you should avoid. Offering incentives to reviewers can taint your name and of your product. Customers should voluntarily leave a feedback and not offered something in return.


  • Be Clear: Customers may not always understand what exactly you are looking for in their review. You can break down the review box in subsections and ask them to rate the features like color, price, delivery, etc and they will have better idea about what to do exactly.


  • Include ‘Would You Buy or Recommend It’: This will be the ultimate test that you product will have to pass. If they are truly happy with the product they will buy it again and it will encourage others to buy the product too.