What are the free SEO tools to use on the web?

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What are the free SEO tools to use on the web?

You can ask any SEO professional and all of them will agree on one point which is that it is nearly impossible for anyone to perform Search Engine Optimization without any tools. SEO software makes it easier to complete the job at hand and at the same time, it becomes a faster process. You will be able to find a large number of SEO tools in the internet which can take care of each aspect of optimizing a website. These tools can help you optimize the website at each level including research of keywords and analysis of the SEO results.

While there are many SEO tools in the internet, you will have to pay for using most of those services. There are a number of free tools as well which can be as good as the paid ones.

Google AdWords Keyword Tool

Keywords are the most integral component of any SEO process. That makes it incredibly important to be able to locate the correct keywords that can help the website reach the top of the Google search page. It is of course possible to devise the keywords on your own but that does not necessarily mean that those keywords will work. The keywords people use to conduct searches in Google might be very different from the ones that you devised.

It is for this particular reason why people use Google AdWords Keyword Tool. This tool can help you identify the correct keywords for your website and it can also show what competition is present for those keywords. You will also be able to see an estimate of the traffic volume for those keywords. This tool can even suggest the popular keywords.

XML Sitemap Generator

Sitemaps can help index all the webpages of your website and ensure that the search engines can crawl and traverse through all of them. A search engine tracker or spider can use the sitemaps to quickly locate the updates in the website. Even people will be able to navigate the website much faster if there is a sitemap. The XML Sitemap Generator can help you build sitemaps in XML or ROR which can then be submitted to search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Rank Checker from SEO Book

A tool that can check the rank of your website will be important to understand whether the SEO process is working as expected. The Rank Checker tool from SEO Book is one of better tools in the market for this purpose. It can be used a plug in for the Firefox browser. The tool can check the ranks of the website in the top three search engines, namely, Google, Bing and Yahoo! You can even export the data which you have collected.

Backlinks Watch

Links are important when conducting a SEO process. If you manage to include more and better quality links in the backlink profile of the website, you will find that the ranking of the website improves significantly. Backlink Watch can help you check the backlinks of the website online. You will be able to notice the sites are linked to your page along with other useful data.

Best sites to check your website ranking on Google

The most important function of search engine optimization is ensuring that your keywords help you rank high on the search engines. The SEO professionals must make sure that the website gets good ranking and the target keywords work in the way it should. The bloggers can make the mistake of publishing their posts without any keywords. There are many tools that can be used to detect the right keywords for the respective blogs.

After the keywords are selected, it needs to be optimized in the search engines with proper back links and text. Only the right arrangement and use of keywords can give the results that they want. It is important for the bloggers or site owners to go for keywords that can actually give good results. If you are able to get good SEO then, you will surely rank on the first 20 to 50 in the search engine.

However, it is important to maintain your state and ranking. For this you need to check the status of your site and the relevance of your keywords on a regular basis. If you get the right information, you can work better and give your web site even better results.

There are some online tools that you can use to check your keyword position on Google. These tools are effective and free of cost. Some of them are:

·         SEMRUSH:  this is one of the best when it comes to checking for keywords. You just need to enter the URL of your site or blog in their site and they will show you which keywords are actually high on the list. The tool is pretty easy to use and you will get a trial period before you actually have to subscribe for the site. It also includes the option of back link checking.

·         Google Rank Checker:  this is a tool that helps in tracking the accurate position of keywords on the search engine Google. You just need to put the keywords and domain name in the tool and they will give you a accurate ranking of that keyword.

·         iWebTool Search Engine Position Checker: As the name suggests it is also another tool that can be used for tracking the keywords of the site. It is very simple to use. You just need to put the keyword in the search and it will give you the results immediately.

·         SEOCentro Rank Checker : It is a basic checker that will give you an idea of the performance of the keyword on the various search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. It will also give you a history of the related keyword and you will get an idea about how it can fare.

·         Google Position:  This tool can be used effectively to check the position of the related keyword. However, the drawback is you will not be able to get much detailed information from it about the respective keyword. You will only get to know the position of it on Google and that’s it.