What is a Good Link Profile and how do you get one?

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What is a Good Link Profile and how do you get one?

Some people think that a link profile is just a group of backlinks, and so many people who claim to be SEO professionals say that having a lot of backlinks will enable you to get a very good link profile, regardless of what the backlinks origin or target is.  It is imperative to know that all of that is wrong as building a good link profile is much more sophisticated than that. It is the act of trying to keep all the backlinks "clean", and by clean I mean avoiding all the spam and suspected websites and backlinks. The key to create a good link profile is to have backlinks from high PR and authority websites that have the same content as your website. It is simply, keeping the SEO clean and simple.

Having a good link profile requires:

  • A lot of patience as the process of building backlinks that will help make a good link profile is very slow. It is not only looking for backlinks but about sourcing them from the right websites.
  • You will need some tools to check the reputation, rank and authority of websites that provide backlinks. It is crucial to be meticulous with your checks as every mistake can have a very bad effect on your link profile. Even one wrong association can leave a very bad impression.
  • One of the tricks is to contact webmasters directly and exchange backlinks. But before you search for high authority sites, you will have to ensure that the contents of both websites are related, but not similar. You can also leverage on social media accounts and experience to assess if the profile of the website suits your company’s.

There is a plethora of online tools available for you to search and assess websites. Go on Google and research using the subject of your website. From there, you should be able to generate a good list of related websites. This may be a tedious process, but the results will definitely be satisfying.

Quality will always triumph Quantity.

Having a lot of backlinks is good, but building a good link profile is not about having thousands of backlinks as it is simply just a short-term solution with a long-term penalty.

There are so many things to avoid during the process of building a good link profile:

  • Never buy paid backlinks
  • Do not lose hope of having good SEO although it is a slow process which usually takes at least 4 months before you are able to see the fruits.
  • Take your time to build the backlinks and don't try to do it all in a short period. Doing so will make it look suspicious and spammy to the search engines.
    5 backlinks a day is the optimal number.

We are in the era where the quality, creativity and uniqueness of your content are valued more by the search engines. Google is clamping down on duplicate content, clearly stating that imitation is not the way to go in SEO.