What You Need To Know About Voice Related SEO

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What You Need To Know About Voice Related SEO

What is Voice related SEO?

It is a type of SEO that uses natural speech patterns when making an online request. Voice search uses the combination of Natural Language Processing and Text-to-Speech to understand a user’s voice search request. So whatever the user is saying it is translated thru text and is doing the same way just like when you type it in any search engine. Its way easier to use since you don’t have to take time typing the letters in and way faster of course.

Voice Search Applications and Whereabouts

Since the Voice Search was released different companies released their own Voice search application. Even Technology Companies has to design their devices with a pre-installed voice search app just be updated with the most recent trend. Apple has Siri, Microsoft has Cortana, Google has its own Google Voice and Yahoo has a merger with Yelp just to compete with the others.

Though the voice search application is available on home computers and laptop its greatest popularity remains with mobile devices users. You can use these apps if you want to check future flights, ordering pizza, hotel reservations and many more. Imagine the convenience that these apps could give you, Instead of opening a browser and typing all you have to do is just to tap on your search app icon and speak into your phone or device and voila! You have the searchers that you need.

Pros and Cons of Voice Search Engines

There will always be a positive and a negative feedback in every product. Here are the advantages and disadvantages that you might encounter when using Voice Search Apps. Voice search is very much easy to use; it provides you a sophisticated and natural way in searching. Often other people use it for them to look tech savvy. You can also use it in accessing your device functions just like for example your using your mobile phone then you can open your app and say call this specific person or open email and the like. Some apps support different languages and you can use it even if you’re doing something and can’t type on your device. However sometimes this apps can go wrong as well. One thing is if you’re not a native speaker then the app might get it wrong or not recognize what you’re saying because of your thick accent or so. It may give you different and irrelevant searches. It may cause an issue for your privacy as well, since these search apps can access phone functions then all ingoing and outgoing phone calls and the like is stored in their servers. Though this apps is governed by privacy policy, non-disclosure agreement and all of that still someone has those information.

You might reconsider installing a voice search app on your device because of the disadvantages but as for me I would definitely grab one.  It would be very awesome and would definitely make you look cool and tech savvy