Why Is Twitter Better For Your Business Than Facebook?

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Why Is Twitter Better For Your Business Than Facebook?

Twitter and Facebook are two of the most popular social networks in the world. Most companies opt for these two networks to start their social media marketing strategies with and then diversify.

It is more common to find new businesses choosing Facebook when they wish to market their services. There are quite a few factors which have led to the tremendous popularity of this social network.

It is, after all, used by nearly everyone. You can easily determine how many people have liked and shared your posts. You can easily find out how many comments your posts have received and what are they. However, such features do not necessarily mean that Facebook is the best option for you. Twitter can be a more suitable choice for your business.

The Cost Issue

In order to market your products on Facebook, you will have to spend money. However, even if you spend a lot of money, there is no guarantee that all of your followers will be getting to see those posts. In most cases, you will find that less than 5% of your followers are seeing the posts.

On the other hand, Twitter is a completely open social network. There is no need to spend any money whatsoever. You can keep promoting your products on Twitter and all of your followers will get to see the posts without any exceptions.

The Reach

Facebook actions such as comments, updates, shares and likes affect the viewership of the posts. If more actions are performed on a post, then Facebook will consider that post to be engaging and relevant and give it more importance in the feeds of your followers. Even so, not all of your followers will be able to view it.

Twitter, on the other hand, displays posts on the basis of time. Users will always get to see the most recent tweets when viewing their feed. If you manage to send your tweets at the correct time, you can easily reach the majority of your fans.

The Engagement

Between Facebook and Twitter, you will find that it is easier to engage with your fans on Twitter. The very nature of Twitter makes it easier for you to build a one on one relationship with your customers. By following someone on Twitter, you gain access to their tweets which describe their likes and dislikes. This makes it easier for you to build a relationship.

Facebook does not have a similar set of features. Instead, it can be difficult to communicate properly with each of your customers.

Keeping Track

Facebook does not make it easy for you to locate people that are participating in discussions at the present moment. It becomes difficult to participate in those discussions yourself. On the other hand, you can easily search for the latest trends and discussions on Twitter. Once done, you can become a part of the discussion.

It is likely that you will find more use out of your Twitter profile than your Facebook one. However, there is no reason to delete your Facebook profile just yet.